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  1. Bought some pretty important things Now I just ordered the 220mm black translucent res from another shop ... Epic win. Placed the x5650 on my socket and BOOM it's not passing post. I took it out and found a scratch at a corner >.> the store scratched it not me because it was on a tray Back on my L5639 it's running fine. Changed the LEMs (Light emitting module) for a strip and relegated 3 of the modules to the front panel I should go fix the gaps in the 5-1/4" bay covers ... But anyway you can see how badly scratched up the window is. This was out of the box. So I'm waiting for the side panel now by the time it arrives the Enthoo Pro should be in the stores with adjusted pricing. As well as the Mini XL and Luxe most likely. Dropped the Sentry 3 from the build due to how bad it is. Replacing mobo with P6X58-E WS middle of this month. See my review here - Sentry 3
  2. Morons sent me the old version instead of the new black acrylic one i wanted. And a lot of hoot as well! Since I'm waiting for my reservoir and backplate plus other hoot I shall share my latest mod for this project log. I have a Pulse-R so why would I waste not customizing the look of it! I might paint the top of the headband matte black though.
  3. How about the molex cable and the SATA connector? Is that connected?
  4. I have the CM Storm Trigger Z and the CM Storm MECH (same internals) and I do not have that problem. Tried it with other hardware yet?
  5. Why would you need a motherboard speaker in this day and age.
  6. It is designed for CM's 200mm fans O.o
  7. What frequency are you running at? Also check your thermal paste or if you ever forget the plastic protecting sheet. Check your pump speed too.
  8. If you want quality CM is the way to go. My mate says the R4 is down on quality Also with that thick door the R4 is very poor in airflow.
  9. The real issue with it is that you can't put a single one unless it's 25mm thick or it will clash into the rear fan and if the radiator is less than 250mm which it's not because the 912 top was designed for 2 120mm fans and not a radiator.
  10. Been working on my rig a bit more YAY ROG STICKERS. Sanding down the rad to remove the terrible stock paint job. People like brushed aluminium don't they. This it it. CF'd me MECH. Yeah. Focus fail. But let me talk you through the reasons of choosing the CM Storm MECH for my build. 1) It's a great solid keyboard. 2) It will kill someone in the head if you hit them hard enough ... 3) Although it is a great lan party keyboard it is also heavy and very large. All in all, it's a great keyboard for me because it's easier to modify the appearance by painting it or giving it a new splash of paint. Why is it solid I think? It does away with the nonsensical (sometimes) rubber coating and having hard coated plastic in lieu for the bits that aren't aluminium that you touch. The plastic is reasonably well thick, actually very thick The best part? It looks great.
  11. Technically spec sheet says 158 and you guys think it won't fit but it ... will.