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  1. It's still available in my country so I guess it's not.
  2. A case with built in DAC. Nuff said.
  3. Hmmmn. Mechanical keyboards are ergonomic enough for me. Maybe you just need a palm rest.
  4. I would go for efficiency, wattage, and then aesthetics. Hopefully, in the near future, CM could provide a modular PSU with soft individually sleeved cables.
  5. Oh KONAMI, please release this game for the Cooler Master Race!
  6. Cool beans! BTW, I recently got a Seidon 120 XL here from a friend. Performance is great and is possibly better than my H100i.
  7. Lotsa great tower and scratch mods. Maybe I'll wait/judge a little more before I start casting my vote(s). Anyway, I would love to see a peripheral/gear mod competition next time, just like what Renovato did if you're folowing his works.
  8. I would love to, but the ROI in my country is no where to be found.
  9. I currently have the LG E2290 which is a TN Panel. Got no reason to upgrade since it still works great and has an adobe RGB profile built in
  10. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 for the PC. AWW YISS!