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  1. Leo Bien Durana

    WATERMOD - Gold 24K - 99% finished - news 05/06

    Goodness me, you just made me drool
  2. Leo Bien Durana

    550W 80 GOLD too small wattage for my new Build?

    You'll be fine with that build, bro.
  3. Leo Bien Durana

    Has The GeminII S524 Been Discontinued?

    It's still available in my country so I guess it's not.
  4. Leo Bien Durana


    A case with built in DAC. Nuff said.
  5. Leo Bien Durana

    Ergonomic mechanical keyboard

    Hmmmn. Mechanical keyboards are ergonomic enough for me. Maybe you just need a palm rest.
  6. Leo Bien Durana

    What's your top 3 priorities for choosing a power supply?

    I would go for efficiency, wattage, and then aesthetics. Hopefully, in the near future, CM could provide a modular PSU with soft individually sleeved cables.
  7. Oh KONAMI, please release this game for the Cooler Master Race!
  8. Leo Bien Durana

    Cooler Master V-Day E-Cards

    OP is an imgurian. Nice
  9. Leo Bien Durana

    Again! Nepton 140XL beat competitor~

    Cool beans! BTW, I recently got a Seidon 120 XL here from a friend. Performance is great and is possibly better than my H100i.
  10. Lotsa great tower and scratch mods. Maybe I'll wait/judge a little more before I start casting my vote(s). Anyway, I would love to see a peripheral/gear mod competition next time, just like what Renovato did if you're folowing his works.
  11. Leo Bien Durana

    How to be a miner for bitcoin or litecoin? Check this!

    I would love to, but the ROI in my country is no where to be found.
  12. Leo Bien Durana

    Gaming monitors. What do you use?

    I currently have the LG E2290 which is a TN Panel. Got no reason to upgrade since it still works great and has an adobe RGB profile built in
  13. Leo Bien Durana

    Dragon's Wrath

    Hey man, keep it up! Subbed!
  14. Leo Bien Durana

    What games are you playing now?

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 for the PC. AWW YISS!