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  1. Seen it, never thought, i'm not surprised. But i'm anxious to see those performing, even if we're talking about enterprise line.
  2. If all the PCI-e cables provided are the same, than it must be a mistake. Now that I'm seeing your pictures I got it. So they got 8 pins at the labeled psu side instead of 6. From the picture that I attached ( provided from V 850 direct link) it is obvious that those 6 cables ( you say that there are only 4) must have only 6 pins. You got faulty PCI-e cables. My psu isn't full modular, but i have 2x 8 pin PCI-e connectors, so the same cables that you have now, but with the correct management. I can only direct you to support page. Submit a request for assistance. And i can't only say that i'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Scalli, based on the infos you provided and linked to the V850 PSU and GTX 780 you'll need by the book (page 5) to supply both 8pin and 6pin power connectors from the card. Use one 6+2 PCI-e cable from the PSU. Cooler Master provide 6 x 6+2 PCI-e cables with a length of 600mm plus a 100 mm extension. I advise you to use 2 cables to deliver the power required. I attached an image for you. Pay attention to the PSU connectors. Follow the scheme from the PSU and don't use one of the two 4x4 CPU connectors.
  4. Seeing lot of amazing projects, I thought all of you modders might be interrested in participating Minimalistic PC's giveaway . Obvious the main sponsor is Cooler Master. You'll find more details in the link provided above. Short notice: You must live in Europe and enter your mod before 31st january 2014. I can only wish you the best of luck!
  5. Mea culpa for not adding content also for Glacer since I added a review here. I thought you have purchased the Eisberg. My apologies. As far as i know from CM product manual and from reviews, there are included : 2 x 3pin fan connectors and from the pump one 4pin PWM connector plus a SATA power one. These should be all the connectors. Only for pre-production a splitter was added. So, your installation is a correct one. Fan connectors can be plugged to motherboard headers also, or like the SATA power one directly to the PSU cables. The 4pin PWM you added to the CPU header. Wich is right and only to the CPU header must be plugged ( it has only 2 cables for speed control ). Now you have to go trough BIOS settings for proper speed controls. Also you didn't specified if your board has a 4pin cpu header or only 3pin header. It has to be PWM capable. It would be helpful to know your motherboard specifications. Here you can find extra infos : pureoverclock or even a installation video.
  6. bitbob if you're referring to Eisberg 240L Prestige than you might have to use the low-voltage splitter cable as shown here and for the better results you can check this advice. To conclude: use the 5V cable to reduce the pump voltage. You can also check page 3 from here for more appropriate understanding. Hope that helped.
  7. Now it depends on what preferences you have. Both SF 17 and SF 19 supports notebooks up to 19 inches. One provides you a usb2.0 hub and the other a usb3.0 one. On SF 17 you have one single fan with a 1200 RPM fan speed meaning a lower noise level than from SF19's 2600 fans speed. From both coolers you can change those fans. The SF 17 cooler provides you a better angle view, by making it adjustable. If you ask me both do the job. I would also pay attention to the power. It is more convenient for you to have a DC 12V adapter or a usb 5V DC? Here are some reviews: SF 17 and SF 19 .
  8. Re-voted. And yes, in that case I would accept a front-mounted PSU, but also I would reconsider the airflow scheme.
  9. A carry handle is always a good thing for a case. Especially the retractable ones. Rear mounted PSU is more relevant and handy. Here is a comprehensive article about PSU mounting location . VGA holder? I guess not.
  10. If you're looking for a budget cpu cooler, I think Cooler Master Hyper 103 could definitely be your answer. KitGuru made a good review of the Hyper 103 , demonstrating that it the does the job at a good price.
  11. Curious about what PSU does support. ATX PS2? A carry handle would be nice to have.
  12. Big brother of 240L. Still a product from the partnership with Swiftech?
  13. Don't get me wrong, but from your post i got nothing. Need help regarding what parts you'd choose for a new custom made system? What have you in mind?
  14. Aww yiss this is a fine overview. Looking forward to see the full review. Bro you know what you're doing. Great job!