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    Hyper 48 problems

    Ok, I just did this, this evening, and it works like a charm. Here's what you do: 1- Find a small length of insulated wire and strip off a quarter-inch of the insulation from each end 2- On the Hyper48's 4-pin mobo connector, insert one end of your wire segment into the hole alongside the BLUE wire, and the other end of the wire segment alongside the YELLOW wire. (Just stuff the exposed portion of each end of your wire segment right into small holes.) 3- Secure the wire segment to the rest of the wires with a twist-tie 4- Re-connect the 4-pin connector to the mobo and boot The fan should now be operating at full speed - roughly 3000 rpm. -phil P.S. This HSF absolutely destroys the Zalman CU7000 that it replaced. Shaved 6 degrees C off my idle. Phile, thanks for this post, just what im looking for!! Nice one!