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  1. I think I stated that I top out at about 72c when this cooler is running full bore on pump and fans. Its an 860intel overclocked to 4.0 . The only variable that effects this is the ambient temp so it is the most important factor pushing me to go to push pull configuration if it will help with Higher ambient temps coming this summer. Nothing else will be changed. Do you read these comments? How about the question on which fan/pump to plug into speed sensor?.....
  2. Great thats exactly what I needed to know and yes it has 2 PWM headers(1 CPU and 1 Case fan). I ordered a 1to3 connector for the CPU fan header and will be hooking up the two fans and pump to this header. But I am still in the dark about which device to hook up to the speed sensing plug from the 3 way splitter. I have calibrated the CPU fan header to the pump and that seems to work well by itself when controlled by the Asus fan app. Should I keep the pump as the speed controller plug for the 3 way splitter or move that function to a fan? I also got a 1to4 w/power splitter but that introduces the added question of whether to leave the pump power plug attached since this configuration provides external power to the 4 plug headers. Is the pump plug just a speed sensor? Hope this isn't to many questions.........The Glacier 240 does well at keeping my computer from blue-screening while crunching Videos if my ambient temp is below 70F. I have to disable the Asus app to run it at full power and it will hold the cpu temps below 72C. This summer however my ambient temps can reach 74F so I am wondering what improvement I could expect after installing 2 more pull fans on top of the radiator? Thanx again for you help...
  3. Hi guys no this is not the eisenburg it is the Glacer 240L and has a different hook up scheme and mounting hardware. It is actually much easier to install than the eisenburg video you directed me too. It has a separate 5v cable to hookup and a pump control cable that is separate---that is the cable that I don't know what to do with. I currently have it hooked up to the CPU fan plug and it works fine but I get no variation in speed from idle to fully loaded. The fans always turn over at 2400rpm and do not vary in speed either. So am I expecting this rig to change pump speed with loads when it doesn't do so automatically and likewise on the fans am I expecting them to automatically ramp down with pump speed when they don't????
  4. Hello: I recently upgraded from a big air-cooler 3 fan rig to the 240l. I put it in a coolermaster Haf XM and installed it as a push (fans in case-cooler on top) configuration. The only thing I found no mention of in the installation papers was which fan or pump to hook up to the cpu cooler fan plug. I hooked up the pump to that plug but I am getting a lot of fan noise and seemingly no variation in fan speed from idle to fully loaded... Its my first water cooler so any help appreciated... Thanx---Bitbob