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  1. cheers for the help guys. Getting parts in the UK is a pain in the arse and almost impossible (unless you want a case it seems!) Ive just waited a month for a black aerogate 2. Still no joy with the side panel though, I would consider getting it from the States if I could get it there. I have friends in SF and Conneticut so they could ship it over for me at normal postage rates (or i could wait to see them of course!)
  2. hmmm, cheers for that, Ill see where I can get one.
  3. thanks but thats the problem. I can get that panel, but I cant find anyone that does the brush finish, its all gloss even though the panel fits the praetorian I really just need to know where I can get a spare normal side panel and Im guessing that may have to be from coolermaster direct.
  4. Im trying to locate a side panel for the Praetorian case in black. I believe the windowed panels that you can get have a gloss finish and suit the Wavemaster more. No one in the UK seems to sell just a plain side panel that I can put my own window in and I dont want to just cut the one I have already so a spare one would be ideal. Also those that do sell the blue panel seem to be always out of stock!