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  1. Thanks, that is what I am looking to ask for. So it just only for eSata function? That's all right because I am going to unplug the sata cable out of the mobo and plug it to a new HD. Thank u again for responding to my question.
  2. I have a question but not sure where to post this so please move it if is in the wrong section. My question is the Cosmos S uses a SATA cable which takes up one of my SATA port slot. Since I need to put another SATA II HD, I want to remove the SATA cable from the case off the MOBO. I tried doing research on Google what the SATA cable is used for in the case, and I found out it is used for eSata but not too sure if they are right so I want to post on the official site to see for the answer. I want to know if plugging this SATA cable (the case) is optional, otherwise, I'll remove it to put another SATA HD. Can someone briefly tell me what this SATA II cable is doing inside the case and is it optional to take off so I can put another HD that uses SATA II?