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  1. damn =/ those washers didnt work, and i even tried mounting the psu upsidedown in my new cm690 case =/ very disappointed =/ tho i must say, the cm690 is an excellent case.
  2. Hey everyeone, im looking into getting a cm 690 case sometime soon. I was just wondering if my extreme power 550 will have long enuff cables. thanks all
  3. good idea, will try that. in the mean time, ive been looking into a new psu cuz this one is getting really annoying. i was looking at the antec earthwatts 500w, ocz stealthxstream, and corsair vx 550 neone, ever used ne of these?
  4. if i bend the grill like that, it wont reach the screw holes. so rmaing, ive never done it before. do u get ur money back? or do they send u a new one or what? thanks
  5. thanks for the advice, i reversed the fan grill and the noise went away for an hour, then it came back, but not as loud as before. I was wondering if it is possible to not use the fan grill? if not, im considering getting a new CM rc690 so i can place the psu at the bottom upside down so that the noise doesnt occur.
  6. before i oced my cpu, it used to run pretty quite and would go up on load, but when im on load or have my cpu oced, the fan makes an irritating clicking sort of noise as if its hitting the fan grill. really annoying =/ the place i bought it at wont let me get a new one eithere
  7. Hey there all, I current own a Extreme Power 550w psu. When I'm running full load, there seems to be some wierd noise as if the fan is hitting the fan grill or something. Heres my current specs. amd be-2350 ocz pc2-6400 platinum 2gb asus m2n-e radeon x1950pro 150 gb hd dvd-rw Cooler Master extreme power 550w thanks in advance for advice/help.