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  1. I will never ever use UPS again! when I recieved my stacker from UPS they charged me an additional $50.00 brokerage fee, so beware Canadians of UPS. Hey CHEESEWHiZ nice side panel to show off that ram!
  2. That's an awesome HTPC setup, very high tech & classy lookin' Nice job!!!
  3. Nice work!!! Looking forward to seeing stage 2
  4. I should have known they'd come as soon as I cut a hole in my side panel
  5. CooL Blooded

    Gateway Mod

    Cant wait wacft, that is a real nice looking case, and its going to be an awesome mod im sure!!!
  6. Hey RazorOye thanks for the compliments, the paint was easy, just regular black semi-gloss spray paint, with minimum prep, basically I just removed all removable parts and masked off the rest, cleaned the surface and applied several light coats, I know most people sand and prime but I decided against both, and I think it turned out real nice. The two aluminum strips up the front I had anodized at a local shop for 60 bucks, as that was their minimum charge. The thing in the front is a dual bay water rez, with zerex coolant and blue uv dye, for the purplish blue look. Looking forward to checking out your pics, and hopefully some other modded stacker window pics!
  7. Hey RazorOye, tired of waiting also, so here's mine, found some black allen key pan head bolts, still need a peice of plexi, is there anything better to use than plexi?
  8. Looks good Inspiribomb, looks like your memory is running in single channel, any reason your not running dual channel?, slots 1 and 2 work best for dual channel on the MSI neo2 plat.( im guessing thats your mobo)
  9. Looking good darkfog, I decided to attempt modding a window also, just finished cutting it out, need to clean up the edges, and find some plexi.
  10. Hey Mikesta: Here's one that was posted in spanish and translated by Freak_04, the pics should give you some ideas.
  11. I also tried mounting some silenx vibration grommets, wich were too tight. Looking at the 4 in 3 module, I think if you drilled out the 6 rivets on one side and moved out the side then relocate and counter sink new rivets, or run nuts and bolts in from the side, would give you some more room, if thats not enough then do the other side also, is was what I was going to do. But changed plans after seeing the cooldrive5, and ordered 2 of them instead, hope this helps.
  12. Thanks darkfog for the reply, your side panel and setup looks real nice!
  13. Hey darkfog could you please PM me the same info that CHEESEWHiZ has requested, thanks.