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  1. Well, new PSU did not help at all. I put all clocks back to stock except the GPU, and it made it a bit further through 3dmark06, but still crashed. The fact that it made it further when I have less voltage going through everything still leaves me wondering though. I just picked up the same PSU to test, so if it is just that the PSU is junk, I guess I won't ever know for sure. I tried plugging the computer into a separate socket too with no help. Might just be the GPU I guess, really strange though. Oh well, thanks for the input
  2. Hi, I am going to copy what I have posted on, because I'd like to see if anyone hear agrees this is a PSU issue (everyone there does) and if you may have heard of this before: So, I built my computer about a month ago I believe. At first all was working well, I ran my GPU at 678/2084 and played numerous games and made it through a bunch of 3dmark tests, and actually was OCed even higher in most of those. Now, I can't run the GPU core anywhere above 650 or the computer will lock up, or sometimes just reboot while gaming. I still never have gotten any errors in ATI tool, even at 678 core. Never had any artifacing. And it's NOT software related, this happens in both XP and x64 Vista, regardless of drivers I use in each. I think it is a PSU issue. But when I check my bios all voltages are good. So my first question is, would anyone agree this is a PSU problem?? I do not have a PSU sitting around, so I think I am going to run to compusa tomorrow and pick something up and then just return it. So another question would be, what should I buy?? Should I get the same one I have to see if mine is just faulty, or pick up something completely different to see if the coolermaster 850w realpower is just a crap PSU?? I should add that about a week or 2 ago while I was trying to get a good clock on my CPU, the computer would restart in the middle of prime95 too. No errors, just reboot. This of course adds to me thinking it's the PSU, but I just ran prime95 recently and it is working ok now it seems. Any help would be appreciated, if I want to play COD4 now I have to go back to stock, which is a bit frustrating!! I'd like to find the problem as quickly as I can so I can take care of it right away P.S. Is it possible that the PSU itself could not be the issue, but rather the power in the house?? We have been wondering if we have a power issue in here for a while, our one tv used to make a pop sound once in a while, and then it would buzz until we turned the channel. We bought a new plasma partially because of this, but it has the exact same issue, the buzz just isn't as loud. And I notice sometimes the lights kinda dim in the bathroom Now I realize my CPU and GPU are both OCed quite well, but everything is custom watercooler and 100% stable, aside from this issue. Temps are not even close to being an issue. Has anyone on here heard of similar issues?? Is it possible that these 6 rails are just broken up too much and don't have the power to OC the 8800GTX (NOT sli)?? Or do you not even believe this is a PSU issue?? Any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!!