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  1. Thanks Shaun, this is interesting! The good is that the function will be available, the bad (not so) that I buyed just now the mech without it... ok, the keyboard is a really good one so it is not a so big problem... unconfortable but not a problem! The good of a key by key illumination is that you cna illuminate the key you will use only and recognise them immediatly! Not only for games, but for application too it is a very nice thing! I check the rapid series, but I will prefer the new feature on keyboard with dedicated macro keys, like Mech or trigger. Thanks a lot for the reply and have a nice day! Stefano.
  2. Hi, as asking here : viewtopic.php?f=34&t=16686&p=121039 I would like to have a mechanical keyboard with programmable backlit key by key like in Ryos MK Pro. It is maybe be a firmaware/driver update for actual products like the Mech Keyboard?
  3. Good afternoon, I was really unsure till now on wich keyboard buy compare Mech and the new Roccat Ryos MK Pro. The reason was the illumination feature per key. This is not just a funny geek accessories, but a really usefull feature when you can illuminate keys in use only! For games and applications too! I normally use keycaps and it really work, but it is really unconfortable change them every time, so illuminate key by key can be a really good upgrade! Finally I decide for Mech because of the blue cherry switches, not available with Ryos in italy with the italian layout. So... do you think it will be possible to have the same feature in a next firmare/software upgrade?