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  1. Well, already a big big thank you to Zotac for giving me two beautiful GTX 780 AMP! It will be powerfull I think ^ ^ And cable management done , set SSD done too, 780 AMP! inside with MK26, and now, not many thing to do
  2. Thanks !! That's it, door is over : opening and closing system installed. It remains for me only to replace some screws with rivets but I have no black at home. I also leave a picture with bags / panniers luxurious that inspired me for the general aesthetics (both in general and in some details) @+ for the next modifications !!
  3. Photos (half) door : I still have the attachment system to fix ! But then the plexi is set, it already gives an idea
  4. When they are plug on the motherboard, you cant see the PCB color, so it's not a problem Otherwise side door started and video The lateral fairing is finished, the front panel also the, lateral door is being finished. It remains to put the plexi glass, the locking system (this is why in the video, the door has a light day at the frame once it closed), and finally the two small caches that will a former close holes of the original door. It remains on this mod to do: back plate of the rear of the case, an inner fairing to hide the psu and that will support SSD, installing an AIO, cable management and one or two other surprises. Still a lot of work so ! Here ->
  5. Hi ! Thanks, and I don't know how tastes a "gator, so.... Anyway, a little news : thanks to Kingston for their help and support for this mod and here is the parts that I will use
  6. I just try to do things "differents" ^^ And little update
  7. Hello everyone ! It was time that I had not made ​​worklog and it is with pleasure that I opened one today For those who don't know me, here are some pics of previous mods I've already done : But regarding this thread and new mod, first of all, a big thank you to Cooler Master, Asus Republic of Gamer, Kingston, Zotac and Bitfenix for their support on this project ! And first of all, note the purpose of this mod ! Nothing more simple : make an original PC version luxury with heavy level changes, special materials and colors ! But enough words, and let see the first pictures of the parts already received (there are still a lot of packages incoming at this time ^^) And here is the first modification ! Hope you will like and stay tuned
  8. Hi ! Here are all my mod I have done on Cooler Master case :) Hope you will like !