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  1. Do you mean "Switching Mode Power Supply"? For your question, you may choose CM high end PSU.
  2. Hey darkfog, it's really nice. Did you think about the CM AQUAGATE or AQUAGATE MINI for your system?
  3. As I know, real power 550 has released to the US market.
  4. I have a CoolDrive 4 within my system. I love it. I do hope that you love it too.
  5. My system is only around 200 watts. The system configuration is listed as following. 1. CPU : AMD Athlon FX-53 2. Motherboard : ASUS A8V with two 512MB PC3200 DIMMS 3. Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra with PCI-e power connector 4. HDD : two 200GB SATA 5. one DVD Writer 6. one DVD/CD Writer 7. one 9 in 1 card reader 8. OS : Win-XP professional 9. PSU : Real Power 450W Power Supply
  6. Really Nice I am looking forward to see your finished modding.
  7. I have one. As I know, this is unique design in Coolermaster PSU. It can not be used to another brand's PSU.
  8. I think it should be no problem. The total power consumption is around 360 watts by your configuration in peak loading. You can check total power consumption if you choose CM real power 450W PSU because of its HCI power meter.
  9. You can check the PSU by tester. Pleasee refer to ... 011&depa=0 ... 905&depa=0 As I know, PSU will be shut down by itself if the 5V really outputs more than 6 volts. I do hope that I can help you to solve your problem.
  10. Joey

    Cooldrive 6 Faults

    Why do not you ask your supplier for RMA service?
  11. As I know, CM Stacket II is going to fit SSI form factor for you reference.
  12. Because the loading of slave PSU is not enough so that you can not boot the slave PSU. Please try to add some devices on slave PSU especially on +3.3V.
  13. I think that you have ton see what is the real specification or electrical performance within PSU is better for your PC. As I know, more and more power user who do not know what is real meaning of specification or electrical performance but they usually talk about the shape of PSU. How do you think which is better for your PC? I believe that CM is offering the best solution for my PC in PSU. After installing real power 450W PSU in my PC system, I knew how much total power I used and how much money I have to pay.
  14. It's nice cover sheet ans story......