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  1. Did I miss any full tower line news in June
  2. I use a Cosmos S hoping cm makes an upgrade of the S soon. Cosmos S only needs four changes 1. Better power button and include a reset button 2. Add usb 3.0 ports 3. Put USB ports in front bay vs by power button computer shuts down whenever you plug a device in 4. Add Color options white green or blue not just black Otherwise imo Cosmos S CM nailed it. Still nice to have one case with lots of front bays. I love the handles and TY CM Cosmos S is an awesome case.
  3. I'm planning on building a new x99 computer in Sept 2014. Any chance for a new full tower case being released by then. Hopefully one with 6 plus front bays .
  4. I altered my rig above will go xb case. Which powersupply should I get? I decided not to go with old one? Any suggestions on brand looking for 1000-1200 psu.
  5. MB: Sabertooth x79 new psu: thermaltake 1200 watt 5 yrs old in nov ram: 64 gb Gskill (10-10-10-30) 12800 ddr3 new cpu: i7 ivy-b 4820 new hsf: CM 212 evo new video card: evga gtx 690 new dvd rw- plextor 5 yrs old souncard: Ht Omega eclaro vantec ez swap pro: WD 1 tb sata 3 win 7 ult no ocing Alot of these parts are from my old rig that I just upgraded. Scout 2 or XB which case cools this rig the best?
  6. I was thinking air cooled with a CM 212 evo. Probably stick a GTX 690 in it. Going to Hotswap my Boot Drive. Probably add 1 storage drive. This is why I'm glad your posting your rig here to see progress thanks alot.
  7. Really cool I'm interested in this case. I do wonder if a 690 or titan could survive in this case.
  8. Blue or Green would be cool choices.
  9. Pretty quiet on CM front? Thought I'd see more cases at CES 2014 maybe tomorrow
  10. How about offering this case in different colors: White Green Red
  11. I'd like handles on any CM case. CM rocks
  12. Neat case love the side panel. Tons of room to put everything you want in it. How many HD's can be installed inside? I hope CM will show off a few more cases this week
  13. I am thinking about this case as well. My new custom rig would use 4 or 5 5.25 bays Ie Blu Ray Burner AFT Card Reader Vantec hotswap (Boot Drive) Vantec hotswap (Storage) either DVD RW or Vantec hotswap (Storage) If I use 5 front bays will I lose and fans will that hurt air cooling system Any issues for Titan Video card length Last thing what do you think of this case? Stryker Pro's Lots of front bays Don't need to buy big HD's at build time Con Heavy Cosmos SE Pro's 8 lbs lighter vs Stryker HD cage can install 4 int HD's and still remove part of HD cage for maximum Video card length TY CM Con's Only 3 front bays wish CM made one with 4 Have to forgo Boot or Storage Hotswap which means more money needed at build Tough decision
  14. pdwe

    Cosmos SE Questions

    Thanks Vic I appreciate your time and diagrams it helped me soo much.