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  1. My fan on my Hyper 212 Evo cooler has died within six months after purchase. It is now out of warranty (?) and I have been unable to find a replacement fan for it. The fan was made in China. It is 12V @0.37 amps and has a 4-pin female connector. My numbers are A12025-20CB-4BP-F1 and there's also a second number DF1202512SEUN CF. If I Google the A12025 part number off of the fan it just gives me results for the whole package. Can someone direct me to an equivalent? The stock fan worked fine until it locked up so I don't need anything too fancy - just something with the same or better specs and the 4-pin connector.

    The whole "'airflow" and "air pressure" differences have been a bit confusing to me as well. Thank you in advance for your replies.