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  1. So what is it, like the minerals and crap in the water that cause conductivity ? ( I am not a scientest but I play one on HL2 mp )
  2. Guy at a Mod shop was telling me about this so called water he had on order from Sweden. Fluid XP, non conductive so it wont fry your'e mobo or other expensive electronics. Has anyone herd of this stuff, they want $45.00 a quart for it so it must be good right ( sarcasim )
  3. Where did you measure those temps on the FX53 ? From a probe or from the BIOS ? I got good control from idel to load say 10-12 degree c but that was at stock clocks. When I get into the 3.8 gig range it jumps up ove 20 degree's c. The Aquagate is a great system I love it but it is an entry level system not for serious overclocking and not for cooling more then one device.
  4. And still no offical answer from CM about the X800 or the 6800 cards. Is this not a suport forum ?
  5. Electronic Punk: wrote I have to agree. Before i shell out any money and more importantly Void the warrenty on a very pricey piece of hardware I want to know it fits, works and performs. Sorry Cooler Master. I would rather have bought your product but not under these conditions (hint for a freebie...wink wink)
  6. I posted several questions about the coolviva thingy and my ATI X800 pro and got no response in several days. So I went to the Zalmen site and got imediate response. I went with the Zalmen ZM80D-HP Dual Heatpipe. I got a 10 Degree C drop at idel and 15 Degree drop under load. HE-HA ....... Oh yes, And its very quite even with the 80cm fan.
  7. Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, or you local Our Own Hardware Store all sell the Plexi and should be able to cut to the size YOU want I would imagine.
  8. Same here, I am happy with the performance. 40c at idel up to 50c under long periods at load. About 10 degrees cooler then I was at with air. I have had a Koolance WC system in the past and it failed on me and melted down my MOBO. (wife sat notebook on top of radiator fans) The Northwood P4 shouldnt meltdown it should throtle back and shut it self down it if gets to hot. But who needs the hassel and expense?
  9. I am familiar with the clicking sound. It is a oddity indeed. When I hear it on power up I shutdown and restart, nine times out of ten it goes away. I like you believe it is coming from the pump and am growing concerned about reliability hence the machine does not get left on for long periods unattended. I have not been able to make it stop by adding coolant but I have had zero coolant loss in the two months I have had the Aquagate.
  10. Striker

    Real Modding

    This guy can show us a thing or two about real modding.
  11. Does it specificly state what cards it will fit ? For instance a X800 pro ? or a 9700pro all in wonder ?
  12. It's like the Infinite one says. You have to get it out side the case and thats the best way to do it short of drilling a hole. Just be carefull not to Snag the Wire if you move your case at all. Nice art work Infinity!
  13. Striker

    Suspended HDD

    Hardcore I must say
  14. It's known as Sarcasim my friend. Vibration from a PSU is not an issue. As most of the posts mention, it is a pointless waist to worry about your PSU vibrating. My point is its a Cooler Master forum and pushing other companys products doesn't seem appropriate on a site that is funded by Cooler Master. Capiche?
  15. But then you will have to do your optical drives to prevent vibration when they spin up. I have 10,000 rpm disk drives, What about the Case fans? good marketing job, CM could make a soft POLLY case, they could use delrin inserts for the screws and develop some aluminum spray coating for the outer sufrace. I'm sure it would sell big in Asia. OR you could give ANTEC a few more of your hard earned dollars and hey you could go discuss it on THIER FORUM or you could buy a COOLER MASTER PSU and discuss it here. Sorry tired of reading about other companys junky crap here