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  1. Hi Cyanide, Did you request the RMA as below with no answer?
  2. Hi richypanic, USA region: Out of USA region:
  3. A great V850 unboxing and review clip from PCWizKids Tech Talk:
  4. Hi peskor, I'm sorry to hear that, please fill out the request form and we will get back to you asap
  5. CM Fans, what's your top 3 priorities for choosing a power supply? Efficiency? 80Plus certified? Wattage? Low fan noise, silent? Modular? Fancy looking? Or anything else? Kindly let us know your concerns.
  6. Hi guys, As you know, bitcoin/litecoin mining is getting popular so that people are looking for high watt. PSU for building a powerful, high-end system. There are 3 different solutions , please vote for the one that you think might be the most demanding in the market and provide your comments
  7. What do you expect of a "smart PSU"?? The function panel shows the PSU status (temperature, performance, fan speed, etc.)? The APP connects the PSU with your tablets / smartphones / portable device so that you can monitor and control the PSU everywhere? The smart fan automatically controls the fan speed? What else do you think that a smart PSU should include?
  8. Hi guys, What's your first impression when you see a PSU with 100% Japanese capacitor? Do you feel any difference between Japanese made and other capacitors when you are using the PSU?
  9. Hi Scalli, The 6-pin connectors on the PSU side and 8-pin(6+2) PCI-E on your graphic card. It should work Let me know if you have any question.
  10. Hi guys, As you know, there are several kinds of ATX power supply currently in the market - Digital PSU, Fanless PSU, regular PSU, etc. Is there any creative idea of PSU or any new function that you look forward to see from Cooler Master in the future? Let's brainstorm!!!! Share with us if you have any ideas.
  11. Hi Eric, Please visit for further tech/service inquire; submit the request Also we suggest switch to manual mode: Switchable Automatic / Manual mode - Fanless Mode: Fanless operation with 135mm fan is at 0dB when loading is under 200W or 50 degree celcius - Manual Mode: PSU fan speed can be adjusted manually from 3V-12V Feel free to let me know if you have question. Thanks
  12. Kindly let us know what's the warranty you expect on 80PLUS Platinum PSU
  13. Hi all, Welcome to V series PSU club. Please post your comments, reviews, anything you'd like to share or discuss. V has won several awards and good reviews: Thank you,