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  1. This Event is so AWESOME! Question ; can a modder win from any Tower or Scratch category but also win again in People's and or rising star category? Thank you

    Excellent mods! GOOD JOB
  3. Project: KURO (by Jesse Palacio)

    Very Nice PSU cover
  4. Cosmos 2-Sauron LOTR Edition Case Mod.

    SUBS! Looks GREAT! Looking forward to see it finish
  5. Elite 110 @ CES 2014

    Interesting little mini iTX casing! Looks...Mini.. Which is great
  6. Project|White - Done

    Nice and clean build Oskar
  7. What do you expect of a "smart PSU"?

    Yes i do agree with @z999z3mystorys, i wonder about the wattage draw from my system, i think a smart PSU with some feature to show how much wattage currently my system draw right now would be great
  8. Do you want to have colorful CM 690 III?

    yes i wish for it The RED one looks pretty fierce Dark Red, Dark Grey
  9. How many fans do you have in the chassis?

    Thanks zucker Thanks CM Jerry it's on progress...collecting some H/W... will post up soon
  10. Have you checked out the CM University?

    Thanks for the infos and link! informative site indeed.
  11. ram and motherboard

    looking forward for your build. question bro, is it scratch build or case mod build
  12. How many fans do you have in the chassis?

    only 4 fans my old custom case in 2009
  13. [Official] Nepton Owner's Club

    Nepton is one :) Awesome AIO cooler specially 280L, looking forward for next generation 360L or maybe 420L
  14. Why Notepal matters

    Very nice Info I think Notepal is a must item to have
  15. Voted! first Design i see it from my eyes, and then rub it feel the material (observing the weight, size), the performance (fans, airflow, etc) and then the price if i like it i don't mind about the price tag