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  1. It's always important to keep your laptop cool when operating. Especially when you play game with your gaming laptop. The cooler your laptop is, the better performance it got! And here is a nice cooling solution for you:
  2. Hi! Thank you for buying our Sirus headset. You can switch off volume by the bottom on the controller. (show as attachment) However if you would like to switch source from speaker to headset you need to click right button on speaker icon (bottom right of your desktop) then choose audio device and switch the source manually. It's kind of complicated but all headset is like this. We will suggest our PM to improve this and hopefully we could have the first product can solve this issue in the market.
  3. I got this headset and it's really a great headset not only for gaming but also listening music! Especially the bass is the best! Would like to share this review with you: Pros: BASS!!!! Yes, finally someone gets it. Gaming, movies, music, oh my – ready for it all. Customizable – aluminum panels come off for paint, vinyl. and more of your liking. Detachable cable, with plenty of length to share. Detachable mic to discreetly take your gaming set on the go. White light on the cups for great ambiance?? Can't really see it…neat I'd assume? Cons: Limited to crank to 9, on a scale of 1 to 10. There's no 11 on this meter. Little warm and tight feeling after long wear.
  4. Hi! Thank you for your suggestion. We checked with our technical team and MECH can't be upgraded with the function you mentioned by firmware only. It's needed to modify some hardware stuff. Your suggestion is forward to our PM and we will evaluate the illumination customizatoin function for the next version. But here is a good news. We will have a new Rapid series keyboard with exactly the function you need. It will be release in the Q1 of next year. Please check our webpage and facebook. Once we have any news we will let you know. Thank you!
  5. Great product with great webpage would like to share with you!
  6. Thank you for the correct hyper link! We've modify the first post with correct source.
  7. Hyper 212 EVO is 159mm height and HAF 912 support max 175mm cpu cooler so it fits well. And we would suggest to install fan toward front and make air flow from front to the back of case.(shown as attached pic) If you don't plan to overclock then the stock thermal paste will be good enough.
  8. That paper is just for moisture proof purpose. Please remove it and feel free to throw it away.