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  1. Cooler Master Elite 130 Cooling Question

    That's cool! You can check the youtube link first as below
  2. CM watercooling is the best!

    Hey guys, How do you think the performance of CM watercooling? Good? Better? NO~ It's the BEST! Recently a benchmark website picked up top 10 watercooling products and CM is the champion! What are you waiting for?
  3. CM watercooling is the best!

    Up to now we keep improving our product~ And, I personally suggest Nepton series if you wanna install watercooling
  4. Hello everyone, Do you want to mine the bitcoin or litecoin but don't know how to start? Perhaps you can check the way as below: Starter: Advanced:
  5. Hey guy, KONAMI will announce the latest Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on 3/20, recently they released some photos first about the comparison of this game on PS series and XBOX series. As below, you can see the difference including resolution between them. Then, you will know which one is the smartest choice with your favorite games!! Mission by night PS3 PS4 Mission by day PS3 PS4 Mission by night XBOX 360 XBOX ONE Mission by day XBOX 360 XBOX ONE Comparison
  6. Cosmos 2-Sauron LOTR Edition Case Mod.

    I'm curious what the final artwork will be! GO~
  7. Dragon's Wrath

    I expect how you will use such many fans in your mod
  8. Ha~ I reckon it's too late for me if starting from now on.
  9. Hey guys, Has anyone download and tested this game? Please share your experience with us If not, check your hardware first to ensure you can get better performance. OS: 64-bit Win 7, 8, 8.1 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Althon X2 2.8 GHz RAM: 4GB VGA: 512 VRAM, Radeon HD 4770 or GeForce 8800GT You can click the link as below and log in your Origin account.
  10. Is the control panel necessary?

    Hello everyone, Do you have a control panel in your chassis? At first I did believe that I needed one to monitor all fans in my chassis, but later I found the software is easier and more convenient! Above is my opinion, how do you think the small thing? Is it really useful to you?
  11. Titan Fall beta is opening to test!!

    Not yet~it seems my memory probably got some problems, tonight I will try it again! Did you play it last night?
  12. Need some tips

    Is the 22" monitor not big enough? Which size do you need? My monitor for gaming is BenQ EW2420 with VA panel and I think it's not bad for gaming~ I suggest you can choose the which output you need first, HDMI, DVI, VGA or DP, then search size and panel. Hope above will be helpful~
  13. Project: KURO (by Jesse Palacio)

    Good job~ I like the PSU cover you made Gorgeous!
  14. Is the control panel necessary?

    You have two control panels? So far you think it works, right? But how many fans do you have?
  15. Titan Fall beta is opening to test!!

    So, is the server not stable yet? Last night I got the test S/N, hope today I have time to play it~ Ha!
  16. Looks like everyone has interest in mining How about using the current platform on hand? For me, I can use my X58 platform with HD 5850 to mine but it will be very slooooooooooooow...
  17. Will the Glacer 240L mount onto 2 140mm fan slots?

    You want to modify the watercooling loop for GPU? I don't suggest you to do this due to warranty~ How about add an independent watercooling for GPU?
  18. Sneak Peak – Glacer 360L

    Oh, you have a Trooper? Are you a hardcore gamer? Btw, I'm not sure if the Trooper is big enough, maybe need a bigger case~
  19. Hi everyone, Here's a chance to win V8GTS, QuickFire Ultimate keyboard, Havoc mouse and Geil EVO potenza 1866MHz 4GX2 Kit - just vote for your favorite mods of Cooler Master Casemod Competition 2013! About the competiton: - Starting from end of last September, there are over 150 mod worklogs posted on Cooler Master forum during last 4 months! - Over 80 completed mods compete for the total winner prize up to USD 20,000 this year! - Duration: 2/8~2/16 on CM FB How to vote? Please use the links below or head to the main competition page *Vote for your favorite Scratch Mod: *Vote for your favorite Tower Mod:
  20. And you? Will you join the Casemod 2014?
  21. Hey guys, I'm glad to see that we have a good review of Nepton series again, it means CM watercooling is really awesome! Please check the link as below if interested and help forward to other websites
  22. Again! Nepton 140XL beat competitor~

    Ha~ha~ Of course! I reckon the price–performance ratio of our Seidon 120XL is excellent!!!
  23. Will the Glacer 240L mount onto 2 140mm fan slots?

    Hey dude, Just now I measured the thickness of Nepton 280L with installing fans on single side, it's around 65mm~ It will be around 80mm thickness If you wanna install double side! You should install Nepton 280L no matter single side or double sides
  24. All manufacturers always design new thermal product because consumers concern the balance of noise and performance. But, sometimes I cannot figure out why some products have features that no one understands. I realize the function is very well if we can adjust RPM, but it is weird to put a click on the fan! For example, I need to open my case and adjust my fan with a click if the lower RPM is necessary and have to the same thing again if higher RPM I want. I'm not sure the fan can be adjusted by software or not, if so, why use hardware? Does anyone tell me why?
  25. I cannot figure out why they designed the function?

    To add a wired remote is a good idea!!!!! Good job~