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  1. Hey guys, I'm not sure you've seen this clip, it's really interesting!!!!!
  2. CM Jerry

    First Build -1400$ Gaming PC

    Welcome to CM forum Just like knud said, keep your budget around $1000 for system is a good choice. And, watercooling will be better if you expect the system to run for long time even never turn it off.
  3. CM Jerry

    Cooler master Seidon 120V

    How about putting the radiator on the top but fan on outside?
  4. CM Jerry

    Fan Controller for Cosmos SE Full Tower case

    Recently NZXT released a fan controller with a touch screen, perhaps it could fit your needs.
  5. CM Jerry

    Sneak Peak – Glacer 360L

    Oh, it will be soon... Now we are preparing something for product release. The product is worthy to wait~
  6. CM Jerry

    Nepton 280 L not working properly

    Dear Jhu, 1. You can replace the original fan on the top with Nepton 280L's 140mm fans. 2. I think the environment of test is different from yours or the software setting is not the same. Hope the info is helpful to you.
  7. CM Jerry

    Sneak Peak – Glacer 360L

    Why? Is the Glacer 360L not good enough? Or can you provide some suggestions for this product?
  8. CM Jerry

    GeminII M4 is it gonna fit?

    Hello Wicks, Have you got your chassis or have a pic? It sounds like you wanna have a HTPC? GeminII M4 is definitely a nice cooler to fit your needs. Please show me more details about your system then I can suggest you more
  9. CM Jerry

    Proper temperature of Nepton 280 l

    If I didn't remember wrong, the performance of Nepton 280L is better than Seidon 240M and the difference is more obvious while overclocking is higher.
  10. CM Jerry

    CM HYPER 212 seems loose after install

    Hello rivrbyte, Thanks for your feedback! Can you check first if the bracket is not locked? And, please take a photo if possible, I reckon it'll be useful to help you thanks
  11. CM Jerry

    Proper temperature of Nepton 280 l

    I reckon it depends on what level and which brand of CPU you have. If you have i3, i5 or lower CPU, the temp should be low undoubtedly. But if you ask me how low it could be? I can't answer it thanks
  12. CM Jerry

    Nepton 280 L not working properly

    Dear Jhu, Sorry for the late response! Now I'm checking the issue what you mentioned and trying to contact with our PM or RMA. I will reply you soon Thank you very much for supporting CM's product!
  13. What clorenz mentioned is right! Actually, it's not easy to explain how tight we should turn the screws on the waterblock. I usually "feel" that while installing. My experience is, turn the screws diagonally, half a circle for each time then you can control the tightening very well. Hope it's useful to you~
  14. CM Jerry

    Glacer 240L review from

    Hello Mike-L, I will suggest you the Jetflo series fan if you wanna make your chassis kick-:)
  15. Hey guys, I reckon this cool thing you've seen in movie, but in the upcoming future it'll come true. SONY announced the development of “Project Morpheusâ€, it's a virtual reality system that takes the PS4 to the next level of immersion and demonstrates the future of gaming. The following link is the official press release and you can expect the product will be sold in the market soon! I'm curious what the gaming experience will be in the future
  16. CM Jerry

    "PROJECT MORPHEUS" - a very cool thing!!

    Wow, you got the news fast! I hope the VR device won't be expensive and the price under $200 is better for me~
  17. CM Jerry

    Nepton 280L Water Pump Rpm

    Yes, the real RPM is 2266 instead of 6800. I reckon the vendors of motherboard will fix the issue very soon. I'm glad to hear the info is useful to you and welcome to give us any feedback if any question. thanks
  18. CM Jerry

    Nepton 280L Water Pump Rpm

    Hello Xploder, About your question, after asking technical support team I got some description as below: "Running at 6800 RPM means that the pump is running 100% which is normal, all our AIO Liquid Cooler are designed to run at 100% and it will not reduce the life of the pump by doing so. It appears the user has voltage control on his motherboard to control his chassis fans so when he plugs into the SYS_FAN1 it is running probably 70% to 80% which is not recommended but should be OK." Actually, our Nepton series is using the latest technology for its high performance including the power circuit design, pump, the water block, the water-flow path and the driver IC. I think the pump’s RPM you claimed is higher than your expectation, right? The main reason is the most of the on-board super i/o can't show real info, so it shows higher. The real RPM should be 2266 RPM instead of 6800 RPM. Hope the answer will be useful to you Do not hesitate if any question~ Thanks
  19. CM Jerry

    OCing FX-8350 With CM Seidon 240M

    I suggest you should deliver your motherboard to a retailer with ASUS's customer service to ensure the product is running with best stability~ Is the motherboard under warranty?
  20. CM Jerry

    "PROJECT MORPHEUS" - a very cool thing!!

    I'm sure the virtual reality system will be very popular in the upcoming future but the price is a big problem as well. I've seen this cool things showing in many movies and animations, and believe it's a trend in out life.
  21. CM Jerry

    Hyper TX3 Fan With Bracket

    Hello, I have no idea where your location is but I suggest you can call help from CoolerMaster's eRMA. I'm sure you can get an answer what you need! thanks
  22. CM Jerry

    First build - Need Advice

    Hello, After seeing your list, I reckon the components you chose are good and the budget is well-control! On my opinion, how about choosing MSI N660 Gaming 2GD5/OC? It's cheaper ($169.99) then you have an extra budget to get better keyboard and mouse kit. And, I'm not sure if you will upgrade the hardware in the future, I think it would be better if you choose a power with higher watt, especially you will overclock CPU (even GPU) Do you have other options with your gaming keyboard and mouse? Anyway, congratulation for your upcoming new system
  23. CM Jerry

    dell optiplex 390 build

    Hello, I realize young guy likes bling chassis, I can recommend you the Scout 2 Ghost White The white chassis is cool! He can install some LED fans on the front panel and side panel to make it bling~ And, via the transparent side window he can show his cool watercooling or air cooling. Hope the info is useful to you
  24. CM Jerry

    Need some tips

    Like Naruto, one piece, Hunter x Hunter such famous anime. And, I also follow each Japan anime by season. I'm not sure how many artwork you've seen, but I'm glad to chat with you or recommend some good anime to you
  25. CM Jerry

    Need some tips

    Congrats!!! So you will move to Qatar or have been there? I'm glad to hear someone likes watching anime.