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    seidon 120v issues on socket 775

    I reckon CM Seidon 120V does support socket 775 well, could you please mention more about installation?
  2. Hey guys, We all know CM watercooling is user's best choice and always helping create higher performance!!!!! Guess what? AMD releases a bundle program with its FX high-end CPU. You will find a CM watercooling inside box and enjoy the excellent performance (A little bird told me the bundle program is limited...)
  3. CM Jerry

    212 EVO + Jetflo 120?

    Hello, The screw is different between 212 EVO's and Jetflo. Please find some screws with flat head, or you can't install jetflo well.
  4. CM Jerry

    Changing motherboard and processor

    Hello jarppaasd, Certainly! Your GX 550W definitely supports your CPU and motherboard
  5. Hello, I reckon the motherboards in the market usually possessing some protection to prevent short-circuit... You just need to install all hardware carefully a bit No worries~
  6. CM Jerry

    Silencio 652S case fans do not spin up sometimes

    Hello DonCapuco, May I know where your location is? I can ask our customer service to contact you soon.
  7. CM Jerry

    SickleFlow 120 2000 RPM

    Hello, May I know if you turned the fan RPM to maximum via Scythe Kaze Master 5,25"? And, I guess the voltage might be not enough? Could you please help check these two question I mentioned? thanks
  8. CM Jerry

    hyper 212 evo cpu fitting

    Hello, Certainly No matter you have 1150/1155/1156, Hyper 212 EVO can support above socket. You can check the vedio as below, hope it is useful to you.
  9. CM Jerry

    Sneak Peak – Glacer 360L

    Hello everyone, Would you like to know the latest CoolerMaster cooling product in CES 2014 but you can't be there? No problem, you can see the product in CM forum as well!!! In CES 2014, CoolerMaster will announce several cooling products including the new Glacer 360L with higher performance, just check the product and rough spec as below~ l Exclusive design by Cooler Master. l A complete All-in-One closed loop cooler and no need to fill and seal. l Performance 360mm radiator is designed for handling high wattage overclocked CPUs. l Copper waterblock with copper/brass radiator for excellent heat dissipation. l High performance expandable system can be upgraded to cool other components. l Tuned for top performance with a 3500 rpm pump system.
  10. I'm waiting for this CPU and I'd like to build up my HTPC in the living room... But now I can't get it in TW, hope this summer I can complete my new machine well
  11. CM Jerry

    Liquid Cooling Compatibility for COSMOS II

    Hello, Definitely, the water cooling is a prototype and we never released it. If you are interested in water cooling, our Nepton series would be a choice.
  12. CM Jerry

    Hyper 212 EVO

    No worries~ Welcome and don't hesitate to ask any question
  13. CM Jerry

    CSN Training Camp Trailer

    I saw the clip yesterday, funny!
  14. CM Jerry

    Continuous revving fan in V700

    Hey dude, I wonder if you got help from dealer or our RMA already? if not, please let me know if any question. Thanks for choosing CM product and don't hesitate to propose any question
  15. Hello guys, how many fans do you have in your chassis? one? two? or more? And, how do you think if the fans in the chassis are more and better? Welcome to show your opinion~~~
  16. CM Jerry

    hyper T4 cooler question

    Hello, It's no problem to install an extra fan on the another side. But, please check which side you want to install. If you wanna install a fan on the side closing memory, please use the module with normal height heatsink to prevent dissipation issue. Hope the answer is that you need, please let me know if any question The installation below is OK. The installation below is not recommended.
  17. CM Jerry

    CM Seidon Water Cooler Noise

    Indeed, your Seidon 120M has two-year warranty and you can replace it from the retailer or distributor where you bought. Please let me know if you need any help
  18. CM Jerry

    Seidon 120v plus

    Hello, May I know where your location is?(country/city) that I can check if Seidon 120V Plus is available. thanks
  19. CM Jerry

    Sneak Peak – Glacer 360L

    A little bird told me the Glacer series will be released very soon (before the end of Q2...?????)
  20. CM Jerry

    Cooler master Seidon 120V

    I'm glad you can enjoy CM product very well And, hope you can keep sharing your experience and question here Welcome to CM big family again!!!!!
  21. CM Jerry

    Cooler master Seidon 120V

    Thanks for cinnamoncider's explanation Hello mohdnoh, You can try the way which cinnamoncider provided, maybe install your mobo again will be the solution.
  22. When I test my hardware, I always keep the ambient temp in my room around 26 degree Celsius. It's important to reduce the difference~
  23. CM Jerry

    CM 690 III and Neptune 280L

    Yes, it's difficult a little bit to fit on the top if you install 280mm radiator. We will try to make a proper size with popular cases
  24. CM Jerry

    Eisberg is melting

    Thanks for your great help, neverXmiss
  25. CM Jerry

    Hyper 212X Not Available?

    Congrats! Hope you can enjoy the performance from Hyper 212X and let us know any question any time