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  1. CM Jerry

    [Build Log] CM690II - Project ''Prime''

    more! more! I wanna see more about the mod!
  2. CM Jerry

    KRUPER DOG by Maciel Barreto

    My god! You're a crazy man, but I like it Go~go~go!
  3. CM Jerry


    Wow, looks so cool!!! Hope see the mod complete soon~
  4. CM Jerry

    evga 600 w 80 bronze

    Hi drixanator63, Thanks for your question, and I can tell you evga 600 w 80 bronze is a good PSU but CM PSU is the BEST!!!!!
  5. CM Jerry

    Keeper of the Strix

    Wow!!!!! I like it
  6. CM Jerry

    Blizzard T2 CPU air cooling weird problem

    Hello Sorry, I'm not sure if my understanding is correct. Your problem is, you lost some accessories fixing your cooler on the mobo, right? If so, I think you can contact our RMA in your country directly and get help from them Good luck and thanks for your support with purchasing Cooler Master product ~
  7. CM Jerry

    Seidon 120v with Dual Fan

    nice system, dude~ But I think it's better to clean your system a bit
  8. CM Jerry

    Cooler Master V8, Nuts

    no worries please let me know if you need any help!
  9. CM Jerry

    CM Seidon 120V

    Hello, The dimension is around 30mm but please notice the distance of thread. Hope the inof is useful to you
  10. CM Jerry

    Cooler Master V8, Nuts

    OK~I will help check it and let you know soon
  11. CM Jerry

    Nepton 280L and Slim Case Fans.

    Hello, Do you have Nepton 280L on hand? I do not suggest you use slim case fan on the Nepton 280L because of the weak air pressure. Or do you have to use slim case fan for any special usage?
  12. CM Jerry

    Seidon 240M - order intel brackets

    Hello, Where is your location? I suggest that you can contact customer service first to get help. Or I can pass your request to customer service thanks
  13. CM Jerry

    Cooler Master V8, Nuts

    Hello, May I know where your location is? How about checking with customer service in your country first? You can get better and faster reply
  14. CM Jerry

    Cooler Master Hyper 212x Installation in Socket 1366

    Hello, I'm not sure what your issue is... Hyper 212X can't be installed well on your mobo? or anything wrong? Could you please show me more details?
  15. CM Jerry

    X11 Advanced X-Station

    I'm afraid the X11 is not CM's got wrong place, buddy~