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  1. Barbie Episode LOL.. this is the idea from my daughter, right after I’m finish the mod.. she play her barbie toys with becak PC. When I see it, I thought is really cute and find it interesting too if I took a couple picture with Barbie and Ken. ..and here it goes.. The Director The Scene Got to pick up Barbie for a ride They go around..around..and around Ken get tired.. and Barbie doing it now.. It’s getting dark.. light on Ok.. no more picture please!!! Turn off that cam..and go to bed.. .. quite fun to do this mod.
  2. A little Detail Add Cooler Master Logo in the Front. Chain Sprocket Back view It's fully convertible soft top. Front view
  3. The Seat I noticed this from repairmen who change motor cycle cover seats. Watch him carefully while doing his job with only use simple tools. Then try to do step by step just like his doing..for my becak seat. interesting and fun too
  4. Rear Wheel Wheel base mount I use 15mm acrylic . Hard and thick, Only Jigsaw can do the cut.… After cutting thenTap it 4mm. Smoothing rough jigsaw cut This Bolt will serves as connector between the rear and front body, using a steel bolt size 14 for it. Cut a little bit cause Its too long I use this cutting blade to cut the steel The application The same cut for rear bolt Its fit.. I will add some bolt cover later.. It's rainy season at my country, kind of hard to find a time for painting in this weather. The paint won’t dry so quickly, only able to paint a half side of front fender. First layer.. done I will use this for rear fender Need a little mod and painting for sure Becak has unique steer, if it going to turn it’s not the front wheel who turn to left or right.. the rear wheels that will turn. I adopt that unique steer mechanism…and here is my build so far.
  5. Front Fender mod continues Filling Some putty. Sanding, too bad I broke this tools..overheating I guess After first layer paint, sanding it again.. Then paint it again... Sanding it again.. Do the sand & paint progress for 3 times.. until the result really satisfied me.. Working on rear wheel now..
  6. Front Fender I use this for fiberglass Mold It's call “tudung saji†Usually used to cover food from insects. .. Covered the mold with slippery isolation, for easily peel when is dried up And the fun begin.. Last layer, . Peel the mold Cut the rough edge,kind a sharp in hand Fitting test fender on wheel, more finishing and filling before painting.
  7. Tires Wheel base from pressed aluminum Tires rather bit large I did a little mod on front tire, and leave the way it is for rear tire Just the way I want it
  8. Fitting Test PSU Tray PSU that I’m going to use Tray and cover from 5mm acrylics Void the warranty by painting the fan looking for precision in measurement will sanding and filling soon
  9. Re Configures Lay out & design for Motherboard expecially GPU Tray. GPU in the middle now. Mobo Tray Back Panel My plan is to combine between GPU Tray & motherboard tray..both of them will be easily to slide and pull. Make a little hole, this where the GPU tray will be mount Nice and Clean 0,07mm cut with scrool saw, it’s not even 1mm..lucky I’m not break it. GPU Tray
  10. BUILD PROGRESS I use a different size of acrylics from 10mm to 2mm. Motherboard Tray Start with 5mm Acrylic for motherboard tray. I only use manual tool to make straight line cut, do it with Acrylic Cutter. You guys will see a lot manual tools in this work log , since I don’t have and can’t afford Laser cut. finding the right measurement Mark… Drill… Done!! And fit properly Still on progress.. will update again later
  11. Hello.. From Indonesia with Becak This scratch will make with full acrylic, a little Fiber & PVC, Aluminum & leather. Mod start, and I change the design a little bit..since I'm gonna use Mini ITX motherboard.