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  1. Okey, I've changed the switch and now everything is working as it is supposed to do! Thanks for the help! Do you think that I should post a guide on how I've done this in the "how to" section? I've read about a lot of people with the same problem.
  2. I am actually using a three way switch but since i don't know how to draw it I drew it that way... I will test with a different switch. I think it's like EsaT said cause it's when the switch is between two modes that the computer shuts down. I'll be back with results!
  3. Hello everyone! I've got a Cooler Master eXtreme power 500w [RP-500-PCAP] and as so many other in this forum my psu sounded like a helicopter even when my computer was idle. I bought it on the web and since it would cost me a lot to get it replaced I decided to do something to it myself. This is how I've connected it: When the switch is set to the right the fan is in 5V mode and when its to the left its in 12V mode. If i start the computer with the switch set to 12V mode everything is fine and the psufan is working at full speed. And when i switch to 5V mode everything still works good and the psu is really silent. So far so good, BUT When i try to switch back to 12V mode the computer shuts down. After that i can start the computer again without any problem. Does anyone have a clue about were the problem lies, cause i cant think about anything that could cause the problem.