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  1. Here it is, mounted onto the side panel. Here's a smaller bearing thingy. Then I made a mounting/stand for the projector... Some support pieces in the joystick pads. Threaded M4 inserts... ... and countersunk screws... Jummy! Drilled holes for buttons, joystick etc. The foot stand is done, and I'm really satified. Copper and walnut is sweeeet! Close up.
  2. Time for finals, hope you'll enjoy! THE TEMPEL Inside is a bit messy right now, lots of electronics in there... Front, lid closed Lid opened Monitor lift up-up-up! There we go. With built in lighting turned on Another shot, in the dark The lock serves as a lighting switch. Turn the key, and you'll have a solar system glowing from inside the circular window. Close up, solar system Close up, end grain key hole The lighting reflects on the small brass domes and creates a really nice effect. Drawers... More drawers... A close up of the stained ash grains. Behind the screen is a modular tool wall for smaller tools Here's the right panel. It got a built-in soldering station, analog multimeter and R speaker. Soldering iron inserted in stand with magnets Here's the multimeter in action, sort of. The modified soldering iron, tailored for the sake of the brass theme On the left panel we've got L speaker, HDMI out-in, phones input, light switch+dimmer, disk reader, fillport+res, USB 3.0 x4, amp with volume+tremble+bass, disk eject, start button and finally a switch for the monitor lift. Close up, res in action... The cape corp bullseye res sure is a beauty! And here's a little video showing monitor lift and res in action. Sorry about the quality. Til next time! //Quizz
  3. Last update before finals: My soldering iron is going to be given a special built in stand with magnets, and for that I made some delicate brass parts in the lathe Assembled! I made a leaktest and used my panel fillport. As you can see I changed the panels a bit... It's finished, and I'm into the photobooth. So how many hrs did I put into building this one?... I calculated it into almost 900! :clap: Expect finals in a few hrs! :cooldude:
  4. Update: A multimeter will be handy when working. I made an analog one for the tools panel, 0-20V. Two cross layers of veneer and some gold paint. Smack! Making of the speakers. Simple ones, with some sound attenuating material Finished... And mounted! This is how the front looks like when the lid is closed. A solar system in gold, just like my ol' Sputnik computer. A circular window in brass will be added tomorrow for the final touch. Close up of the end grain keyhole... Quite nice I think. And this is now, dealing with electronics for the panels. Here's the res and amp mounted. Later! //Quizz
  5. Thanks man!!! Update: Been working a lot the last couple of weeks now. I would say this piece will be finished by next week, hopefully. I decided to remake all the 25 chest drawers. That's a lot of work, but I didn't like the ply ones. Made them from birch this time, and a little thicker as well. Here are the materials cut out. One box glued together. Finished drawer with front in walnut. Also ditched the brass knobs, and made small holes instead this time. A bit more playful... Then I made a mount for the monitor and the linear actuator. Alu, just very simple... Test mounted. Seem to do the trick! I made a mount for PSU and the 360 rad. Acrylic lasecut, pretty simple, but I like it =) Another angle. This is how I mounted disks and pump And here's the MB+GPU mounted, as well as the James Bond styled monitor lift. Pretty tight fit with all those drawers. Yikes! Here are the parts for the locking mechanism mod. It's going to serve not only as a lock, but also as a light switch. Very unique! I lasercut an acrylic clone of the original steel plate and made two small conductive plates for +&- This is after gluing and sanding... This is where I am right now, working on the tech panels. More about these later... Over and out! //Quizz
  6. When all wood work is done, time for some staining... I picked up some samples from the local hardware store. I chose to do a mix between these two for the perfect patina look Not too red, not too gloomy. Perfect! Starting with the bottom piece. Here's the bureau stained with everything glued together. Very happy with the result! Just a little close up of beautiful grains. I made the knobs for the drawers from a 12mm brass round bara. Here are 25 drawer knobs plus some additional ones for the tech panels
  7. Cut the hole for the pop-up monitor and made a cover piece. For the cover piece it's ideal to find a piece of veneer that blends in. Not perfect, but I'm pretty close I think. Close up Started on the box making for the drawes. I need 25, so it will take some time I guess... First boxed glued.
  8. Over 1000 hrs went into this machine. Had a lot of setbacks in the end, but I guess it was worth it. Well, here are finals... Hope you'll enjoy! R-Kaid-Revelation Video demonstration(Music credits: Turrican scores performed and supported by Chris Huelsbeck) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da8c2uauncA Making of video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEdmc-Pgw1M //Quizz
  9. Update: The construction for the 25 drawers test mounted. These are two of four feet made in the lathe Here's that unfolding desk in progress. Two 8mm MDF pieces glued together, then a LED strip added. The warm yellow LEDs will make a light show inside the window, from the outside. Inside the window I'll have walnut, and so I added a 6mm MDF piece with a sheet of walnut veneer on top of the rest... Here's the cables from the LED list... And here's the great part of this construction. The cables are now being covered by a ash piece. After that, veneer on both sides... I had to get rid of the veneer covering the circular window with a sharp scalpel. Then it was time to make a hole for the locking mechanism, and thereby hopefully also find the cables I hid inside. And there the are... Had to be careful not to ruin the cables when milling the hole. Cables pulled out For the drawers I'll use 6mm birch ply... 25 drawers are a lot of material!! I'm going to use golden velvet for the bottom of the drawers... Though about classic green cloth first, but it's always fun to try something new. I cut two 8mm thin sheets of walnut and started on the inner panels. After some laser cutting I used a milling tool with a very small bearing. I wanted a small profile, getting rid of that "lasercut touch". Much better... Here are the panels in whole. Will go into details later on... //Quizz
  10. Been starting on some of the basic woodwork, cutting pieces and veneering. Quite boring this process actually, but I'll get my fun real soon =) The wood I'll use for this build is ash and walnut combined. First, cutting some 19mm MDF with slices of ash added. Cutting and planing the veneer pieces. Yep, there's lots of them... After gluing under pressure. One of the side panel's getting ready for some veneer. For the main worktop I've made a part in ash, embedded into the MDF. But more about that later... Worktop ready for veneer. Cut some walnut pieces for the feet. These are going through the lathe later on. And here's a key lock mechanism. I'm going to mod it some... I will replace this part later on... But I don't want to spoil everything right now =) //Quizz
  11. Hi guys. I'm in need of a workbench, a place where I can focus dealing with electronics and modding. The design of this bench is inspired by classic bureaus with a folding deskop. When opened, it reveals the inside; a perfect workspace for me as a hobby electrician and computer modder. It will store all the tools and equipment needed, and most of the stuff will be integrated into the furniture itelf somehow(soldering iron, multimeter etc) In the heart of Sanctum I will install a water cooled m-itx system based on my needs. The desk will also host a pop-up hidden 24" LCD display, using a linear actuator lift from within the construction. With its 25 pull-out drawers, it's also a great storage unit for all of my smaller electronics and tools. I will start building next week. Until then, here are some simple skecthes... Hardware: MB: ASRock H77M-ITX GPU: Zotac 670 AMP! HDD & SSD: 1 TB Samsung and 240GB Corsair RAM: Corsair Dominators PSU: Cooler Master modular V700 CPU block: Alphacool NexXxoS XP³ Light - Acetal Edition Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 120mm Pump: Alphacool VPP655 with plexi top Res: Alphacool Cape Corp Bullseye Slim slot-in disk unit A decent soundsystem For the hidden pop-up monitor I'll use this 12V Linear actuator And a Samsung 24" screen
  12. Well, seems like the Feser Black UV is pretty sad when it comes to UV reaction. I thereby decided to ditch the UV idea. Well well... But I have an update: First, I made some minor adjustments in the loop layout. Removed one of the res mounts, moved the res a bit more to the right. This was to get the fillport centered. Here's another shot. As you can see I've drained the loop. Will make a refill when everything assebled. A 2mm sheet of glass... And here's the transparent LCD, finally ready to be mounted inside the chassis. A good fit I suppose. You can see the PCB of the LCD touching the blind construction. No margins, what so ever =) Short flat cable, HDMI. A pretty good fit there as well. Then finally, I could put the two chassis segments together and see the resluts of 1000+ hrs. The backside, well, need some serious cable management. There's cables EVERYWHERE, don't know where to start really =) Give me few more day... Until then, here's some quick tests playing with the RGB strip. Green Purle //Quizz
  13. First, I made a physical SATA-switch, for the two system setup. Then I decided to have the fillport on top, and welded a G1/4 fitting into the top mesh. I had to remove some material from two of the top fans to make place for the fillport. Then I just repainted the mesh. After that I painted those blue 6-pin PCI-E connectors copper. Received my new flat riser today, a special 20cm with extra 12v boost. The 30cm(15+15cm) riser didn't work(as predicted) and this was my last hope... As you can see behind the panel, it's a much better lenght. So I prayed to the evil god... ... and did a testrun. And YES, it worked!! This is soooo releaving, a fail here would jeopardised the entire project. The SATA switch works as well. Very very happy today! Decided to try paint the riser copper. I like the result!! Sooo... With one big obstacle out of the way, it's onto another one, the bind construction. My construction with pulleys workes, but not ideally. Due to the tiny amount of space up there, and the size of the pulleys, the blind doesn't go far enough and leaves aprox 7cm of the components uncovered. So this is my new idea. Another shaft on top, attached directly onto the motor. This way, the blind can be pulled up further, leaving only aprox 2cm uncoverd. Plus, both sides of the blind will be given an equal amount of preassure. Only thing is, To give the motor some space, I'll have to put a hole in one of the side panels of the chassis. Well, I can just cover it with something nice I guess... Some more progress: Made the upper axis shaft for the blind construction. Since it will be visible, I choose copper of course. I will try to test this new construction next week. Here are close ups / Left=bearing / Right=motor And here's the top piece mesh, repainted. 4x120mm fans mounted. You can see the fill port in the middle. And here's a test fit with the keyboard/storage unit on top. Another shot... Here's a VGA cable for the projector which I had to mod some, due to some lack of space. And here is my "lens-focus-dial-extender" Tech Lego and some distance pieces, all very DIY Here's how it works, pretty simple... Just use the lens protection/screwdriver... ... and adjust the focus by screwing. Quite proud of the solution :dremel: Intstalled the PSU today, the Be Quiet! 550w. Just realized I got lots of cables in this build. Got the PC setup, projector, speaker system, LCD, lighting modules, joystick pads etc... Can't believe I'm actually going to fit everything in there. Here's a shot where you can see the two holes for cable management. The mess you see here are cables for some switches and the projector. I installed the LEDs. Decided to have two strips for increased lighting, and then use the dim knob for reducing if needed. Some strip soldering. Here's a quick test using the remote. Red... ... and blue. Then I continued on that new blind contruction. Here are some cover pieces in walnut... Outer side panel. The small motor is mounted into the cover piece with epoxy, a perfect fit. With everything installed, I attached two cords to the blind. This was actually very tricky, and took me about two days to get it right. First I had to find the right type of cord. Tried several, fishing line, boat rope, regular sewing cotton etc. I realized I couldn't use any elastic cord, due to the weakness of motor I think. When using fishing line, I got sort of a springback from the tension. I finally got it right using this one, a natural string. Getting the alignment right took me several tries, but here it is. You can see the space I had to work with here. Between fans and shaft there's aprox 2mm of margins. The transparent LCD need backlight to work, so I had to place the sprips with presicion. Here's the blind pulled out to its limit, and you can see the light strip sneaking up just in front of the canvas. Last shot it with walnut bezel installed. I'm happy I managed to get the blind up as far as I did, covering almost the entire screen. The blind construction has been a real pain, but this is what you get when adding a new element this late in a process. Now I have to find and install some limit switches for the blind...
  14. Hi guys. Leaktesting is done, and the results; no leaks... that's good news I guess. The pump(Alphacool DC-LT Ceramic - 12V DC Pro) is not as quiet as I'd hoped for though. Any suggestions there? I wanted to try the little actuator for the new blind construction and made a small cylinder thingy from brass to secure the cord. The actuator is soooo tiny(3mm shaft), and I was very skeptic of course. Some epoxy and a suited o-ring, and it's done... ... and this is the first test. The tiny actuator actually works, and I was suprised how smoth the blind moves up&down. But as I though, the blind itself is too small, vertically that is. AND I've noticed some cracks in the wooden segments... tR_gGpY8WHU ... So I made a new blind. This time in a creamy heavy-duty woven fabric(canvas like). The wooden blind was a nice touch, but for sake of life-span, canvas is the better choice here. Close up. Will install it tomorrow, and with this fabric, I think I'll face an even smother blind movement. //Quizz Finsihed the keyboard mod today. Decided to go with the veneer overlay. Some shots below. This is the backside, when docked to the storage unit. This is also what the top of Revelation'll look like. And inside the storage you'll find mouse and other Rev accessories. The storage can be used as an optional mousepad, although it's a bit small. I actually manage to silence the pump just by removing the second screw, that is, having it mounted with one support. So no custom box needed, although I 'm pretty temted, just for the sake of it =) Now, I some of you guys might get disappointed, but I ditched the plumber work and got regular clear tubing instead. The reason; Although the leak test turned out great, I simply don't trust my epoxy solution. I really don't need a customer calling me up abot leaks, just beacause I had a "visual idea"(lack of knowledge) Personally, I'm satisfied with decision. The copper fittings really pop combined with clear tubing, and it gives the setup a real clean look. A big thank you to Andreas from Aquatuning, for helping me out with additional fittings Here's the new mounting for the pump, one legged support only. Doesn't make a sound =) I got this "black" coolant delivered to me yesterday. Yes, the bottle really says "black". I would call that purple, but that's just me I guess??!! Surprisingly, I enjoyed the color, a lot =) Copper and purple, now that's a match! Then I picked up this RGB LED strip module that I'll try for lighting inside chassis. Module mounted, with LED dimmer. I also finished the volume knob... and secured the eye of the build, a lens protection in copper... //Quizz