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  1. hey man. hehe. yeah. it did "grow" a bit, like my stomach. lol. still quite a practical size though.. it would still sit nicely on a regular desk.
  2. today. top 360 rad mount Test mounting mobo and gpu while i wait for the new ones to arrive. different view of how the pump is mounted. thats all for now.
  3. 3am here.. couldnt sleep. thought a little modding would help.. good night fellow humans.
  4. extending the frame.. TO FIT MORE RADS! now.. time to trim the aluminum L's. That's all for now. =)
  5. My entry to this year's CM World Series.. i know im a little late, but im sure i can make it. My real target is to mod a case that i can use daily. something new. so even if i dont win, i still made an awesome mod regardless. Thanks to sponsors: Just this for now. Silencio case. let's just keep everything as a 'mystery'. thanks. =)
  6. Builds have sequels too you know. Thanks to sponsors: Cooler Master, Asus and Bitspower specs: i7 4770k Asus SABRANCO Z97 Asus GTX 780ti DCUII Corsair Dominator Platinum 16gb Cooler Master V850 Cooler Master CM690 III Cooler Master Jetflo Fans Intel 730 240gb SSD WD 1tb HDD Bitspower Blocks Bitspower Radiator Bitspower Reservoir Bitspower Fittings Bitspower Crystal Link Tubing EK DCP 4.0 Pump Thank you, JPModified
  7. Hi folks, another client build with the CM690 III case with Anderson "The Spider" Silva's trademark colors and logo. i could do a proper photo shoot like my usual, but i think the pics are clear enough. Specs: i7 3770k MSI Big Bang mobo\ CM Eisberg CPU cooler CM 690 III Asus 660ti DCU II Silverstone 750w psu Samsung 850 pro SSD Crucial Elite 8gb RAM Thank you. =)
  8. Hey folks, here is my latest build. STORM SHADOW. for those of you who do not know, it is named after the GI JOE character. this is a mod i did for my client turned friend, and as you may know, i take alot of pride on the work i do, as if it were my own. SPECS: i7 4790k Asus maximus hero VII 8gb 1866mhz crucial ballistix Asus gtx 770 dcu2 OC WD 1tb black Crucial Mx100 256gb ssd Corsair ax760 PSU Cm Eisberg CM 690 III Silverstone AP fans 120mm Build logs will be posted after.
  9. ive already submitted the final pics.. but i just thought i'd throw this tiny update in anyway. added a little detail.. painted the back plate, and scored some random lines. props to Icemodz for the custom sleeving.
  10. this guy is great, and needs alot of support. i hope we can back him up a bit. =)