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  1. This will be my second attempt at a full fledged mod. My last mod sadly didn't work out due to some circumstances. However with that experience i'm better prepared to give it another try. A fun scratch build project inspired by Overwatch Bastion. And no I've never played the game. I just loved the robot design. Mecha fanboy. Though I said this will be an Overwatch Bastion mod I will be making only its chest which by the way is awesome. Kudos to the designers. Really. I'll mainly be using wood for the frame. Wood presented by my cute waifu Tsugumi. This is just one part of the frame. I'll be using two different slabs of wood having different thickness and slab them together. This one is 0.6" in thickness. The other one will be 1.5" or 2". Since i only need some 5 ft of the wood plank its been difficult finding carpentry houses willing to cut only that short length. A full length cost a lot where i live. I also went to different sawmills but no luck till now. My search continues... I ordered some materials which I need for this project but I haven't got them yet (International order) so waiting for them. Main work shall begin once I got them. Meanwhile enjoy these sample pics of the prototype which i made. psu shroud which will also be the motherboard base. Not finalized. I may alter the design.
  2. Reserved for tower-build (or vice-versa)
  3. Neat! Loving the simple build. The finished (?) product is much better than I imagined. Why don't you use an acrylic on the sides instead of the mesh? IMO it will look better with acrylic because of the LED's. Another question what does "Arya" mean?
  4. I just signed up. Looking at all the entries I feel like a small fry in the Pacific! Keep 'em mods coming. I have a question regarding some rules: Can I use ANY CM product? Incl. small products like thermal paste, fans etc? Does this mean the "registration" deadline or deadline of the competition? Also I registered for a Scratch Build (atleast thats what I entered in the reg. form). What if I want to cancel that and do a Tower Mod instead? Or say, do both? I was wondering why there's no CPU Cooler Mod this time?
  5. New guy here. Busy atm. Will update later. Apologies. PS: I made a sketch of what I want to make. Posting a hand-sketch is fine right? I'm not good with photoshop and stuff. Anyway I'll update later. Cheers. PS: nub here, humbly requesting you to not expect anything stunning.