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    Project VEGA

    The videos are great with the details showing the process and the photos
  2. Good to see you participate this year again. Wondering how you are gonna "MOD" on this case
  3. I've been looking forward to seeing the final photo shot of this mod. Nice one!!! Congrats
  4. All the submission e-mails have been replied with the confirmation, and some of them are required to e-mail the missing date, for example the description of mod concept, or the selected final mod photos. If you haven't receive any feedback yet, it's probably the e-mails are failed to deliver into the mail box. Please do forward again your original submission e-mail to Please also make sure your attached photos are not over 5MB. Thank you.
  5. Hi Mono and Andrew, Please check your e-mail for the reply. Thanks.
  6. Thanks to bring up the question here and please allow me to post the description from event site here. The change of the rule that Raymen referred to is actually released earlier today. - Your mod must not have started earlier than Jan. 1, 2014. - Your mod was never entered into a previous global Cooler Master Mod Contest. Therefore we won't exclude anyone that had been recognized for their passionate work in other contests or nominated by some well-known media. If you have other questions about the contest, please leave the post here and we will reply as soon as we can. Good luck to you and everyone who already completed the on-line registration!
  7. I am looking forward to seeing you in this year's Mod Contest again. To answer your question, yes, A winner in either Tower Mod or Scratch Build category is possible to win the People's Choice Award, which is open for the public voting. However, it's definitely not gonna win the Rising Star as well because of the meaning of the Rising Star award. Hope this explanation is clear.
  8. Thanks Brian. Can't wait to seeing your mod update
  9. Very cool choice of your theme ! and the hardware ! Can we expect your update very soon for the next step ?
  10. Indeed, even without running system, it looks great Looking forward to seeing more photos of this mod when your fine tune is done!!!
  11. It's the advanced version of your cover collection... Like it !!!
  12. I like the 2nd photo in your 1st post. Is KURO refers to only "Black Color" in Japanese or refers to ONE Piece? Just my guess... But anyway, expect to see the new progress
  13. A new start with COSMOS II case mod with minions? Special theme that not many others apply before, I guess... How you will mod...I am quite curious about it. Looking forward to your next update ...
  14. Welcome and thanks for sharing your mod worklog here. Please keep going and looking forward to your next update
  15. Totally agreed!!! May we see more progress here very soon???
  16. Very nice work and lot of details in it. Looking forward to seeing your update
  17. Thanks for sharing your mod worklog in our new forum. What happened when you posted the photos? Anything we can help?
  18. Congrats! Nice work. Don't forget to submit your entry by e-mail: - Your mod entry title - Description/concept of your mod entry - 5 or more pictures of your final mod entry (preferably 800 x 600 pixels in .jpg file format).
  19. As long as you registered on the event page by Oct. 31st, you have until Jan 31st to submit your entry did registered before Oct 31st and submit my entry few days ago. however my entry yet to be posted on the entries page. So just wonder if i didn't fulfill some requirement/s or it s just matter of time before organizer put my entry. There are some more updates on the Entries page today. You may find your entry there now. Thank you for your patience.
  20. Nice work, and have to send the e-mail. Please refer to Rules/T&C: When you have fully completed your mod, submit your entry to before the deadline (Jan 31, 2014). The following will be required during your mod entry submission: - Your mod entry title - Description/concept of your mod entry - 5 or more pictures of your final mod entry (preferably 800 x 600 pixels in .jpg file format)
  21. Hey, I double checked it with Cooler Master and they said I could join the competition so... We'll see what happens. "Your mod was never entered into any Cooler Master’s previous contests." It means Cooler Master Case Mod Competition. So Ianovski can submit this mod for the competition.
  22. Can I use ANY CM product? Incl. small products like thermal paste, fans etc? Does this mean the "registration" deadline or deadline of the competition? Also I registered for a Scratch Build (atleast thats what I entered in the reg. form). What if I want to cancel that and do a Tower Mod instead? Or say, do both? I was wondering why there's no CPU Cooler Mod this time? Yes, you can use Cooler Master fans or thermal paste. The deadline to start the thread on CM forum means the deadline of the competition. But you can start your thread anytime, as soon as you are ready to share your project progress. Good Luck!
  23. I would suggest you to send the e-mail to to inform your official cancellation of the entry.