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  1. Long time since I have dealt with modding. It is time for a new case. This time it will be a computer desk. As always, I work without a final plan. I just have a general vision I've started from the top surface of the countertop. I've glued four oak planks with a total width of 60 cm. Ultimately, I would like to receive the white, smoked oak color. So to spice up the surface I've added some inlay in the shape, you don't guess by looking at the title, lizards. I've cut out the individual elements, this time with a fine beech wood: I've tried at this stage to deep-stain the wood. Unfortunately, the color not sufficiently penetrated the wood I'll worry about that later. Now I had to mill the space in the countertop to paste inlays. > You can see both: the traced outline, milled channel and already embedded element. Two days later, I had the inlay finished. There is still sanding and leveling the surface. I want to make desk countertop to be in a wedge shape. That's why I've added the triangular edge bands. Then cut them lightly. And then I've sanded them. (Oh, how I do not like this dust). A little to dark !!! Aziz, LIGHT! Ahh, much better. Thank you, Aziz.. I've "merged" some pvc in the edge. At the moment it's just an operating test. I wonder what color would be the best here