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  1. I think this is the end. In time, I just want to change the configuration of the computer. At the moment it's based on the Core 2 Duo E6600. And this is rather a museum There is no point to dwell. Here are the photos.
  2. The motherboard drawer is already installed. I have to still "fine-tune" it. A little sanding, and painting the interior.
  3. For more a month on the project I devoted only my free time, which is very rare. The desk is already finished. Now I'm going to installation phase. To do list: -Light. -Frame for touch screen. -Installation of the screen. -Installation of USB ports. -Installation of motherboard "pocket". -Installation of power and lan ports. -Installation of drawer for keyboard and mouse - I do not know yet how it will look like:)
  4. After a long break, a few new pictures. This is the final version. Surface waxed and oiled. Break was caused by the onslaught of work. Then I had lot of problems with bleached surface. In short, I had to clean and sand again everything once again. I was hoping to finish before end of "coolermaster mod contest" but I certainly do not have time to do this. Now I will work faster. I hope
  5. I think it would look a little to yellow. This is how whitening with Perhydrol looks like - concentrated hydrogen peroxide. before and after But I do not I avoid staining. The effect is good. But not sufficiently uniform.
  6. I'm still making some tests. I will show it, when it will be ready. And waxed oak on the bigger plane looks like this. The sample shows it really badly. I know All the time, however, I would like to "lixiviate" surface. We'll see. PS. I look forward also to any other suggestions. Even the pictures. Maybe I can duplicate it.
  7. Effects of grinding. By the way, "I patented" a new grinding wheel for polishing and longitudinal grinding machine for this job To be honest I've enough working in a dust mask for x hours a day. And now biiig request for help. Color effect that I wanted to achieve - that is smoked oak, does not go as I would have liked to. So I did some wood samples. Speak up on them. 1 - Oak waxed dark. 2 - Oak stained and waxed white 3 - Oak waxed white 4 - Oak stained white. 5 - Oak stained white and waxed dark.
  8. Thank you guys !!!!!! I'm very glad you like it. REALY And today....... Now it's the kind of dabbing. A little sanding here, and grinding there. Unfortunately (it takes time) this is necessary.
  9. Fixed yesterday's post. And today .. First time without clamps.
  10. Last pieces of oak are glued. Remains only milling and grinding. And this is a small staining sample. I've checked only the quality of welds. I do not know what color I will use finally.
  11. Today - I'm loosing weight through grinding. A few pounds less
  12. All the time lasts bonding. I can, however, begin to shape some parts. This is not the final version, but you can see the changes. And glued joints look like this.
  13. Small update and progress report. The work goes slowly, because of bonding technology limitations.
  14. Today, a few shots in different lighting conditions. Changes are virtually invisible. Until the grinding there will not be any spectacular changes Now I'm just gluing an additional kilograms of oak.
  15. Now the desk is standing. And this time, I'm sorry for the quality of my photos. Tomorrow I will show some update. The "foot" is parallel to the tabletop. Height 80 cm. Bevel/slant is made only due to perspective. Foot still requires a lot of work. But the general shape of the structure is now visible. Another interesting aspect is the center of gravity. As can be seen it is strongly shifted toward the "leg".
  16. Here are some pictures of the base. I know it's hard to imagine, but next week everything should be connected. As usual, a lot of less spectacular but necessary work. Bonding, however, takes a very long time without a microwave: (
  17. The Connection between leg and top is already more or less made​​. I've changed a lot of wood into dust
  18. As you can see "lizard" is already in place. The particular shaping will take me a lot of time.
  19. Thanks ------- The end of the table will contain a "drawer" with the motherboard. The rest I must fill with oak. According to the project name I've put a carved lizard on the leg. Yet it's still a little "raw", but this will change
  20. Yes. It's what I like the most. Half of the day I was grinding and milling. Bonding the second half. And looking at the pictures you can't see the effect. But I estimate it's about 30 percent of the total project work progress. I've already slightly molded one connection. And glued the second one.
  21. In order to properly shape it I have glued several layers of wood. Already it is tiring. And as I think about grinding and shaping .... Today arrived a secondary touch screen - it will be ejected from the side table.
  22. Some pictures from gluing. I'm using wood biscuits - lamellas. There are never too many clamps Deck already took final shape of the wedge. I've sanded it initially too. Vertically it would also look nice