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  1. Hi All, this is my final post and I'd like to thanks to everybody which came here and looked my tower mod, It's finished on its purpose but not completed as I need to carry on the internal side, my watercooling system is not ready and other pieces are to be done. FINAL PICTURES AND FOR COVER
  2. The memories in place note: in this pictures you will notice I haven't done much inside the case, mainly i have covered some of the wiring and painted memories, apart of the competition finished I will carry on doing the rest of it, the water cooling system will be the main one as I already created that pill box on top of the case to hold a radiator and fan, i want to sleeve the wires and create a borad to cover the holes on the mb board. tomorrow I will post the pictures of how it has ended and the pictures of it done. many thanks
  3. I have started put the case up to get a real feel of how it looks like. Without side panels an with pillbox on the top Here I put the side panels, font gril was ready and the tablet wich will show pictures of the game and in the future computer stats are in place (sorry of lack of pictures of this part, I was so tired and not remembered to make any)
  4. Following will be the end of the process how I had have finished the side panel 2 SIDE PANEL 2 I had to assembly the leather piece on the frame the after aply it on the side panel frame. lets see painted and with screws with the panel in the back and finished with the rope to give a realist view of it
  5. Here go! I was very late with everything, then I had to take a whole night (thurs to fri) to try to put my job back in track, and it was very painful on the next day to work, i went home like 6 am and i had to be at work at 7am, I never done it! I arrived like 11 am. Side panel 01 here is one disk made of stainless steel, I have chosen this kind of metal because i want to find somebody tho shoot on it, but time was my main issue and I'll do it in the future. painted like a target and will apply letters on top of it letters cut with laser on cnc method painting.... a preview of it and finished
  6. Following my last post, I went back to drawing board and decided how to make a nice box for my radiator and fan. Check it now I've chopped the top of radiator then I've started build a new house for it. With the same 9mm board. Top picture with radiator and fitings. and to finalize today, my pill box now I've finished
  7. I have started a side panel, this one I will replicate a picture which is inside game case. I have used for the frame, wood and leather. let's see it here is a 9mm MDF board, which I cut out in a shape to build a solid frame cut the middle cut a 3mm board which will be covered in leather paint job here I had used a plotter cut to help me to paint and the result is amazing now I will paint the frames See Ya!!!
  8. Sorry Everyone I've been out for a month and far from all my job, so let's rush and try to finish in time. This is my finished front grill
  9. First I had stripped out all internal parts and opened a space in front to adapt a large fan which will receive a nice front grill. I have used for that a dremel to cut the parts needed. front view front view now with fan on it front view then I had a design in mind for a front gril, i've decided to use a 3mm acrylic sheet to do it, and use one of my toys a einhell scroll saw then I've use a plotter to cut my design, sticked in a prepared acrylic sheet and cut, the result can be seen below: For now I haven't decided to make major chnges on the front, let's see how is the grill applied on case. Well for today is all I have, please leave comments. See ya!!!
  10. Hi Everyone I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and this is my first attempt on a casemod competition, I've used for theme on this case mod a game which is very rich in details and will contribute a lot for my case mod. I'm very happy to participate here and I hope you all like my case as much I like to do it. I'm without a shop to work at moment then I'm using a undergroud car park on a local gym, they let me use on weekends, so probably I will post more pics on mondays and tuesdays. Thank you!!
  11. This is the case I'll be modding for this year competition. I WISH GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY!!!