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  1. Hello there! I would highly apprecaite it if someone could either direct me to a vendor from whom I could buy the right air filters for my chassis, or suggest any alternatives. I reside in Mumbai, INDIA. With so many fans in my chassis, I notice the innards gather a lot of dust. Any help? Thanks in advance!
  2. Well. It certainly is something to do with the fan brushing against the grill. Right when my CPU and GPU were at full load, and when the noise was coming, I just "pulled" at the grill to notice that the noise immediately stopped! The noise resumed the moment I eased the grill back. It looks like a design flaw, and with the way the fan picks up speed and then tends to come down towards the grill. Also, when my chassis is in the horizontal position, there was no noise whatsoever.
  3. Like other major brands, it would be a good idea if CM could ship all it's Chasis (not just the higher-end ones) with some kind of filters. With the number of fans per chassis increasing by the day, this addtion would be highly beneficial! I just bought a CM Centurion 534+ Chassis and am painstakingly evaluating options to fit a few filters on it!
  4. First, I had to send the new one for a replacement the second day itself, as the fan was touching the safety grill and making a noise. Then, the replacement is also very noisy and the fan performs at full speed only! I was under the impression that this was supposed to be a "Quiet" PSU. In India, I had to shell something like USD90/- for this one! Any thougths?