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  1. Update: Demon Speeding won the PDXLAN 24 / Computer Power User Magazine Mod Contest and will be appearing in the October issue.
  2. CHAPTER VIII: I'm Your Boogieman “To a new world of gods and monsters!†- Bride of Frankenstein (1935) After all this time, Demon Speeding is finally finished. Without further ado, I present the first set of final photos.
  3. CHAPTER VI: Blur the Technicolor "Well, why not? The world is full of inconsistencies. Unnatural things. Nature's mistakes they call you for instance!" - The Haunting (1963) The 24 pin sleeved with Lutro0 Customs Teleios using the heatshrink-less method. A thing of beauty. The 8 pin looks just aa great. Because of the space limitations, I had to be rather creative with the cable management. All the cables hug the bottom of the motherboard tray. Time to try bending some of that Primochill Rigid acrylic tubing. The first bend didn't turn out to terrible. On second thought, maybe it did. After bending the second tube, the first tube just doesn't look right to me. I'll revisit it later. The LED lighting has arrived and I just couldn't wait to play with it. I choose a "warm white" color. This should give a feel of the case being lit by incandescent lighting. A quick lighting test with my freshly cut side door. So far, so good on both the door and the lighting. Wow, I really need to clean my table. I turned off all the room light and behold, the exact look I was going for. The lighting is quite even and with them turned down, the glow is a bit creepy. I like creepy. Because of the current low temperatures in my area, paint takes quite a bit longer then to dry, so I need to get the final painting started now. Here is the inside of the side door that I had cut earlier. That hammertone paint really sets it off. The whole outside of the case will be painted in the stainless steel color paint I used in many parts of the interior. This will be the basecoat for the ShawNaughty Designz hydographics that will be applied later.
  4. CHAPTER V: Grease Paint "Man, there's a lot of people who are running now. You think it's right to run?" - Dawn of the Dead (1978) Time to paint the fans. I started with a darker hammertone for the frame. I then painted the blades and hubs in a nickel color. I only painted the parts of the fans that are visible once mounted. This allowed some of the fan's led light to continue to shine through. I had previously drilled out all the chassis rivets and broke the chassis down. I cleaned up all the cuts and then gave the inside a nice coat of the darker hammertone paint. Next up was creating the floor for the "reservoir room". Again I used polystyrene and made allowances for the window that will be installed later. The "reservoir room" floor is slightly elevated above the rest of the basement floor, allowing some overlap. It also helps in making this section of the case feel unique from the rest on the interior. The reservoir finally gets mounted for the last time. I decided after I started the assembly of the case, that I didn't like the paint scheme, so I changed it. I reversed the colors for the floor, to give it a darker feel. I tapped several of the original rivets holes for M4 screws. This will allow the case to be disassembled much easier, should a competent need servicing. I also repainted a few other pieces. The SSD mount and the reservoir mount received a new coat of stainless steel colored paint. I also installed cable looms during the repaint. The SSD mount features two 20 pin motherboard contectors that have been cut down and drilled out to except sleeved cables. The reservoir mount features Lutro0 Customs / E22 four 24 pin cable combs. The pump has also now been mounted for the last time. Here you can also see the elevation difference between the main floor and the "reservoir room" floor. The Alphacool radiator was re-tapped for M4 screws. All snug as a bug in a rug.
  5. Mine's a common problem when using red pastel and Alphacool rads. A good flush (or two) and neutralizing the PH will fix the problem.
  6. Looks fantastic. You got skills, brother.
  7. No matter what, I got to flush the loop. I didn't get enough time to give the loop a proper flushing before PDXLAN. Now my coolant has turned an interesting shade of grape.
  8. You heard the man, now stop your grinnin' and drop your linen!
  9. Yes, yes, yes. I really have to get back on it. I've been enjoying it a bit to much and haven't been wanting to shut it down to work on it. There's a few small details I want to change and it needs a bit of touch up. Say, about 2 weeks.
  10. Looks like you're going to town on that case. I like it.
  11. I can't wait to see this in person.
  12. Looking good, my friend. I seriously got to get a hold of one of these cases.