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  1. Greetings, Concept Modding project is about turning a CM 690 II into a new concept model. Update soon with pictures. A special big thanks, Thank you for stopping by this time and the next ones.
  2. Greetings, Concept Modding project is about turning a CM 690 II into a new concept model. Update soon with pictures. A special big thanks, Thank you for stopping by this time and the next ones.
  3. Greetings, Today I finally have finished the Bellardo ZMR 500V4. Not much work, only the ssd tray with 3,5" support, also tweaked the rear lights. Pictures next. Full size. Thanks to Sofia Mota and Cooler Master Portugal to make this possible. Have a nice day.
  4. Thanks rfarmer, it´s nice to finally get to the finish ( almost there) line after more than one year working on this.
  5. Hi everyone, One more step to add to this build, Yesterday I managed to continue the ensemble of the Bellardo, fixed the remain parts in right position, but not finished yet... Pics»» White in the dark. For the next remains the ssd tray and rear lights (cable management), Until then, Cheers.
  6. Greetings fellas, Update with assembling, sleeving with paracord 550, rgb test, ect. The two former weeks allowed me to push "almost" to finish line of the Bellardo ZMR 500V4. Solved the ink issue by hand paint with brush, better conditions for me and less time to complete the process, around 24 hours between each lair. The assembling process is a pain, luckily I have a special box that help me keep thoughts on proper place. The following pictures. Enter the main bios. Engine with impact. "Temporary" assistant. Avatar. Lights on for testing purpose. Almost there, a little tiny winy more. That´s all for the moment. Thanks for stopping by.
  7. Greetings. Update with rgb vandal switch. Today I bring the first ever rgb vandal switch, and mean rgb to match the entire project color in one at the time. At this time are made switches in tricolors, blue, red and green. For a while I was looking for a solution and finally managed to achievement. This were the steps I took, The first option is the best, but takes too much time for iron welding as show in third attempt, In the second I removed the two leds and put wires instead, was going good until the test reveals I lost both red and green colors. Well the third attempt I didn´t finish because was getting difficult the welding after remove the white layer. The fourth is only to show the missing weld points will get malfunction of the led strip. The fifth is the good one that allowed me the completion of this feature. And below is the Elewind PM 221 disassembled. Prepared to ensemble. Several attempts until reach the optimal solution. Switch upgraded, appearance remains intact. The democracy state. That´s it for the moment, next time will be more. Have a brave new year.
  8. Thanks xtian1. Update with engine system. This time I bring the two Cooler Master V8 GTS in place, one Seidon 120V rad chopped from 120mm to 85mm high, as well space for two 60mm fans. The graphics has now an improved liquid bloc to memory and vrm. Made the holes for cable management and it´s pretty much this. The following pictures. That´s all for now and thanks for your patience. Have a brave new world of seventen.
  9. Greetings, Here comes an update with the buttons, usb 3.0 and more. Ongoing the work in front this time I managed to fill the holes with polyester resin and fix the elements in right position. The usb side was going odd and I made two aluminium pieces to cover the excess. The following pictures on below. Despite this project taking to long I´m still learning how to make some details/parts. Thanks for read and have a nice day.
  10. Hi guys, Here goes one update. This time I started the calibration of the bike, introduced also the graphics on place, a support for it, first part of lower grill. Made partial assembly, and of course the paint did not went well ( ?again?). Pictures on below. On the front I replace the center stainless steel for regular mesh steel. This one looks like a drag bike. New cover to ROG front panel. The V8 GTS, front bloc. That´s all for now, still lots of work to do but slowly is taking shape. Thanks for your support and have a nice day. Cheers.
  11. Greetings, Small update with the Cooler Master V8 GTS, "gpu" version. After the rgb lights, one of the V8 went to work with gpu. The additional covers are made in 4mm tick aluminium. Thanks for your support and have a nice day. Cheers.
  12. One small update for the day. The V8 had received rgb lights instead of red, Shall we see one Cooler Master V8 GTS in purple's original brand color,... and others too. First step. Changed, and first look. Mounted in proper place. Cooler Master official color, ( I know, I have a bag with it). Thank you for reading, And have a nice day.
  13. Greetings everyone, there´s been a while since last post. Since last time I went to Saudi Arabia to work and now I´m back in vacations. Sometimes life is a mystery and turns out to unexpected. And now, after almost half an year comes one update. Today I bring the Cooler Master gear for the Bellardo. My many thanks to Sofia Mota and Cooler Master Portugal. The pack. Cooler Master V750, a small atx psu with gold certification and full modular. Comes with all flat design cables and unique style. One of the world´s best thermal compound. The coolers, V8 GTS from Cooler Master will do for the heads of the V4 engine, You´ll get the idea. As well they are pretty awesome for modding without losing cooling performance. Last photo shows the right V8 prepared to embrace the gpu. "That´s all folks" said the Bug(s) Bunny. My apologies for the time gap I say. Have a nice day. BTW is good to be back.
  14. Greetings, Last time I left the front behind because I was improve it, and so turns out more like my avatar, for now the middle section in stainless steel mesh and the usb 3.0 eyes. At the same post the instrumental panel, aka Asus ROG front panel, didn´t test yet, only saw the box pictures. The pictures on below. Still some issues to solve, but nothing special, almost there. Thank you for your support and have a nice day. Cheers.
  15. Thank you my friend, glad to see you here. Update with the new and classical position exhaust pipes. Since last time I managed to change the exhaust system in order to look more pleasant, however the silencers weren´t all equal and I did some new ones. Also forgot to take more pictures before move to next step. Few of them for now. Thank you for your support and do not forget to have a nice day. Cheers.