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  1. Hi guys! I want to explain this for all, because one user ask me this: "how can you use your mod, because it seems the the I/O panel is covered..." The motherboard is rotated of 270°, and the I/O panel remains on the top. In the back of the case, there are three holes where I insert the HDMI cable, ethernet and two USB cable. In the panel which the motherboard is fixed, in the top, there are a large slot where I can insert my hand to connect the various cables. Look at this! Bye! Dave
  2. Here you are! The backplate is made of iron, painted with primer, two coats of black RAL 9005, and a final coat of clear gloss. The plexiglass was cut and polished by hand. Well, with this last post jobs are finally finished and in the next few days I will proceed with doing a nice gallery of photos to finish. SEE YOU SOON!! Dave
  3. This is the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m21XSQ1fTQ
  4. Let the realization of the circuit in order to dim the lighting system. The requirement was to be able to vary the intensity of the lights, then according to the following scheme and the invaluable assistance of Ciskopa (TechArena), I made this circuit with NE555.
  5. Here I am guys. In these photos I will describe the work on the bulkhead to install a windows. First of all, I ran the cut, I put the putty and painted black. Fixed to the frame, the next step will be to attach the plexi on the bulkhead.
  6. We are running out ... Today I prepared the basis for providing energy to all the fans and bring back all'Aquaero two channels, one that manages the fan cooler three fans and the rear and the other to handle the four fans of the four fans and the one on the lower right side front interior. Suitably insulated with silicone rubber attached to the base with itself and with double-sided tape to the bottom of the case, in a hardly visible from the outside. In the first picture you can also see where I'll place the base for the power supplies. I also installed a button to turn on or turn off all interior lighting. And some pictures of general application to supplement the more...
  7. Here I am! Finally I can mod after a :) week in office! Test with lights and fill the loop of cpu with Mayhems ice pastel white, dye red candy and emerald green, to obtain grey.
  8. Yeah! I'm back! My friend Massimo, owner of PcHunter, give me this cpu for sponsor!! It's an i7-3770k. Aquacomputer that sponsored me Aquaero 5 XT, a lot of accessories and waterblock of the GTX680, give me this five bottles of blu additive! For the cpu loop you have to wait some days, because I'm looking for a good mix colours with Mayhems products, to obtain grey coolant. These are the two panels that I cutted some days ago. I paint them with matt black. SSD's sata cable sleeved. I used a hole in the support of poweradjust to fix status led of Aquaero, that shows if there's a problem in the loop. Here the sata cable fixed. See you soon!
  9. Here I am with some processing. I'm running out, this week will come the blue liquid to the second loop and I hope in a short time the processor i7-3770K, sponsored by PcHunter. I am finishing around the sleeve and the internal wiring, as well as the arrangement of all cables. I have yet to realize the window on the door and the backplate for the VGA with backlight. Here's to you, however, that today I made with my own hands. These two small panels will serve as a mask to cover an outer bay unused in the controller Cooler Master and the other larger, however, as the area Aquaero inner cover to mask a little 'cables. In the coming days a coat of primer and then off of matte black. I think it will be ready for the weekend. Photossss!!! Byeee!
  10. I start to show you the mix of colours to obtain grey additive, for the CPU loop, like it's show in the Mayhems guide. In the next days, I'll show you the blue additive.
  11. I think that in this weekend you'll see...some interesting things
  12. Second package from Bitspower to complete the two loops. Now you see how I'll use this fittings. Changing the "mask" of the Aquaero 5 XT Now the liquid cooling system is finished. See you soon with new updates!