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  1. These's our concept and some hardwares in used. Our concept with some positions. Inside.. Hardwares
  2. Hi everyone, we are Vietmod team. We’re from Vietnam. We have been building & modding computer as a hobby and our work. A. Materia & Hardwares: 1. Material: - Aluminium - Acrylic panel 2. Hardware: - Asrock Z87 Extreme 4 - Intel 4770k - Ram Kingmax Nano 16GB - SSD 128GB - PSU CoolerMaster V1000 - Etc …. B. Description Of MOD: Our project is â€Soviet Tankâ€. It get idea from Soviet vehical in game RED ALERT 3. It’s shape like a tank, and contain some elements from Soviet’s military style in the game: harmfull, durty, the color tone,…