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  1. No I don't have a multimeter but I haver contacted Cooler Master support and they believe the PSU is faulty. Thanks anyway EsaT.
  2. Most of the times it's during booting, I have got to windows a couple of times but shuts down before I can start a program.
  3. Hi, I just bought a Coolermaster 1000W modular PSU replacing the Antec 650w I had before. The new PSU caused the computer to shut down unexpectedly and just after booting telling me that "overclocking failed press f1 to bios setup or f2 for set at default" even though I haven't overclocked the computer. I replaced it with the original PSU and have no problems now. Is safe to say the 1000w PSU is faulty? This us what I got: Asus P5K Premium Core 2 duo 6700 4GB Ram 150gb Raptor 2x500gb Hitachi 8600gt 4X120mm fans Plextor DVD burner Fdd Vista 64bit