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  1. Appreciate the comment. The case definitely won't be silver at the end. Will be getting it powdercoated inside and out. Just need to cut a few more holes for a few better cable management ideas I had recently.
  2. Worked on a few power cables. Then refilled the loop.
  3. Did a better job at sleeving the pump cable. Then painted and mounted the old Intel X25-M G2.
  4. Painted some of the old silver trim pieces. Not planning on using the other 2 front usb, audio, mic, firewire so I'm going to attempt to bondo it. Replacement PCB for the Liang DDC-1T. Well it seems the DDC-1T is outrageously loud and sounds even worse when slowed down. So I'm going to see if it sounds any better with one of these.
  5. Added the last retention bar for the 24-pin. Here is a few more pics with some better light. Today I worked on cutting the case up for better cable management, air flow, and looks. A couple of pics of the drain from the other side. The MiniNG for the pump. Removed the regular ATX motherboard supports as they block a lot of the view. Drilled out some cable management holes while I had it out. I also cut out a lot of the top grill at the top of the case. Better air flow for the PSU. Plus you'll be able to see more of the system from the top mesh window. A better shot of the 24-pin in place. I unfortunately found out that I can't reinstall the motherboard tray w/ the retention bars in place. So I have to pull off all the cables to get it back in the case.
  6. Got the pump and reservoir mounted. Then worked on the tubing again.
  7. I got the Primochill acrylic and fittings. I am impressed with the finish on the compressions.
  8. I painted the GTX650TiBo heatsink and slot cover.
  9. Did the other 8-pin. The cables at the PSU. Only a few wires are too long.