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  1. Here are the latest photos taken this week and have been sent to some of them for my fenced about and wait for their jugment
  2. Here are new pictures tell me what you think thank you
  3. Here are some photos of the redevelopment of the wiring here is go to the following detail
  4. hi to all how's it going? Here are some pictures of the progress of the project I still have some details to finish and I'm proud to finally present leave a little comment has very quickly
  5. for fun shooting early lighting with flash and without flash
  6. thank you mnpctech hi to everyone here is this new year I present to you the advance I hope that you and hang you like in the first parts finished plexiglass he front finally finished installation of a drain valve the top winding said I felt your going ..... now what I have to do the last welds and some after sheath to slide back while installing plug fluid level and it will have to do
  7. the friend (s) how is at the end of weekend ? Here is a suggested work ptite beginning with a reassembly all photos very soon Voila Voila we still do not see very well but it will take shape when do you ?
  8. hello to everyone Here we sum Sunday and at last a bit of time to advance in the first time here installing cpu waterblock and gpu and soon after the voili voilou
  9. hello to everyone here's more Here are the first hardware freshly arrived that day motherboard asus rampage 3 EVGA GTX 295 graphics card dominator platinum waterblock proc thermalright XBW-01/EK ( to see) GPU block enzotech NV- 295GTX -LE Voila Voila then the following parts are finished casi still some little hole right and left some fine tuning to ponser here is a lil extract here is your comment
  10. hello to everyone I personally just take me a little Accessory EK Water Blocks EK watercooling HD Tube DIY kit just to see if really EK Water Blocks EK-HD Tube 12/16mm 500mm (2 pcs) just to see if easily foldable before receiving the ones my sponsor should receive and send me Cable for PC tuning kit Corsair AX650 Red modular cables / AX750 / AX850 history not to lose the guarantee of the mine and I confess gain time without taking my head So here the whole order on and waiting for the appropriate cutting kit EK hope this'm faster than my sponsor!!
  11. hello to everyone last night with five little minutes of free time ahead of me I test ventillo I noted that if the branches on réhobus and speed is reduced it make a little noise "not great as a light friction pleasing to the ear" I'll find out this detail otherwise it means to leave at high speed and it displeases me because it blows a strong hair still I remake a test this afternoon taking small video someone you had already noticed this or it is only the two first fan I went to test?
  12. hello everyone how are you? here are the latest news Yesterday I received a small parcel small with a BIG THANK YOU to Mr VV cooler master France for this wonderful gift from holland cooler master brand Product Jetflo led white little shooting These are the children ! Do not you think they are wise anyway? in a veiled alone shadow box of thick sound quality nothing to say open the hood few specifications start unpacking say hello to little Jetflo he is cute is not it ? small simple and effective bundle Here are close-up rubber stamps if you tell me you hear a vibration believe me , look elsewhere ... ! a little more than I love brilliant design / matt super cute for those who do not know Jetflo , I strongly advise you more you will be surprised by the weight of one of these ventilos compared to what I personally have known and believe me I 've tested a lot bah there you will find that you get into the heavyweight category both for its quality and its weight thank you for forgiving this is my first shoot for product presentation
  13. hello to all is all veiled yesterday received nice little package not had much time to take care of in order to take pictures following message will come in the day I leave you mulling over what it is .... as regards the component I normally solved therefore concern the configuration corresponding to the theme will Piouf .......
  14. result as a concern for motherboard, I am forced to change component and a little out of the main theme of the mod sorry
  15. Last Cuckoo small advance of the day just to hide pump while leaving it somewhere useful veiled veiled go go it's all for tonight good night everyone