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  1. Hi all, I work a rotate mobo, create the new rear face and top face on plexi. I use a washer anodised for screw for my objective hight level design and finitions. On the futur, i placed a radiator 240 on rear face and 360 on internal front face.
  2. Hello guys, I start the worklog for you present my conception. For This, I use a real carbon fiber and work by my hand. I wish to bring hi-tech on my case as for the supercar! specs: case: CoolerMaster Master Case 5 MB: MSI X99A GodLike Gaming CPU: I7 5930K oc 4.4ghz (1.23v) ram: 16go Avexir Blitz 1.1 2400mhz Graphics card: SLI MSI GTX980Ti Gaming 6G PSU: CoolerMaster V1000 SSD: 2x SanDisk extrem pro 480go on Raid0 HDD stockage: Western Digital RED 4To Watercooling: Waterblock CPU: Thermaltake Waterblock GPU: EKWB pomp/tank: Thermaltake Nanoxia / CoolForce CF1 bits Real carbon fiber tube 10/12
  3. Hello everyone, I just started a small bench table that I will make on the base of the Cooler Master LAB table v1. I thank MSI France for Mpower + 770 Lightning, Cooler Master France for the table + PSU + AIO and fan, Intel France for I7 4770K. Spec: Table: Cooler Master LAB v1 Motherboard: MSI Mpower Z87 CPU: Intel I7 4770K Ram: 16go DDR3 Avexir Mpower Edition Graphics card: SLI MSI GTX770 Lightning OC 2go PSU: Cooler Master V750w AIO: Cooler Master Nepton 120
  4. I wanted to bring novelty in the design of tubing and approach a futurist design on the outside of this mod and work more on design and not just inside the box. I want to do all the changes by hand without resorting to laser cutting or professional machining Finish soon