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  1. Hi Guys....this is a short video of Elite Rog Edition which contains a sequence of images the most beautiful :-) Good View :-) Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2015 Vote Now : Thanks for your support
  2. Thanks for your support people
  3. Ok guys, here are the pictures of the final project I thank all the sponsors for their support and for believing in me and especially thank Cooler Master and the judges for allowing me to participate in this fantastic competition. I hope the project is to your liking.... Thanks Again to All
  4. Update 13/04/2015 Thanks and Mundi Valur Ok people, finally got the last piece of the puzzle ...... Many thanks to for this help. Quality and workmanship of the components of the highest level Fantastic extensions that add to the project For more information visit: Stay Tuned for Final Pics
  5. and here's a few pictures with the side flaps glass darkened... Hope you like it...stay tuned for last part :-)
  6. Hello to all, the project is almost finished, just missing the sleeving of the cables that come in these days signed ICEMODZ. In the meantime I built a backplate for vga, I replaced with the the side windows darkened glass 5mm (previously plexiglass) Hope you like it....... and here's a bit of photo also illuminated Stay Tuned
  7. Thank you very much....i'm glad you like it :-)
  8. See you tomorrow guys
  9. Hello everyone and here is the project in the final stage ..... hope you like it !! Tomorrow I post pictures with the side panels and night photos ... .........
  10. Hello everyone and here are the components that will be part of the mod ..... Thanks a lot Asus Stay Tuned
  11. Hi guys, small up......test led front panel ok soon guys
  12. Ok guys, here's some pictures to see how the project progresses... Stay Tuned
  13. Hello everyone, a small up ...... another piece to add to the puzzle, I built the rear panel that will go to cover the cables .... See you Soon
  14. Thank you very much :-)
  15. Hello everyone, I finished the front panel, I added new feet, I put the LEDs on the sides of the radiator to illuminate the front panel, I repainted somewhere ...... Stay Tuned
  16. Hello everyone, I created a sort of design in the upper front panel that surrounds the logo cooler master, following reservation will be illuminated. I painted the front panel and the thicknesses and I started building the side panels, plexiglass is been covered in cling film darkening...... See you Soon
  17. Hello guys, ok, I have continued to shape the front panel and have also created the thicknesses in plexigalss to make it more rigid and have a more cute.... Stay Tuned
  18. Sponsor Avexir Huge thanks to AVEXIR for supporting me with these wonderful memory that will be part of the project Thank you very much :-) Stay Tuned :-)
  19. Thank you very much :-)
  20. Hello everyone, I plugged in the side profiles even in the back of the case and started to build the front panel .... See you soon
  21. Hello Folks, I continued with a little work. I reinforced the front panel with plexiglass 5mm so as not to have problems with the insertion in the USB ports and I put a LED as light ignition and gave a first coat of paint. I entered the plexiglass panels on the sides of the cover feeder, I gave a pretty smooth at all and I also painted this last, then I gave a first coat of paint also to the houses so that attacks well PS...sorry for my bad english Stay Tuned
  22. Hello guys, I rebuilt the front faceplate to measure, will be applied where the start button and USB ports .... it is still to be finished ..... see you soon
  23. Hello people, Today I built support for Nepton 240M that will go positioned at the front of the case ..... hope you like it... Stay Tuned