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  1. this is an update after many days [OFF] Im Making some deco..with this Modeling "pasta" working with it. Paint it I Loose some pics HERE ... the Cellphone has it (i didn't have when i sanded it and prepare for paint)
  2. lol!... the real owner of my cellphone came for it... ... (in less words stolen)... and i lost some picks of the advance of project, because of it,need to stop the work for a few days, and my wife "give me" a camera and cellphone... i'm put that pics in the advance (waiting you like my work) 1.-> Acquire a kit for the moto-tool... 2. -> an spray to paint( ) ... By the moment is all the update ... later i post the real update, this is mean to be a "your project is alive" ... LOL...
  3. Muy buen proyecto ... jejeje.... "from noob to pRo" xD (LOL! )
  4. Sry if i post it.. but the site has much spam... then... 2013 spam competition... LOL ... you need to fight against it.. ... we feel more comfortable if you do it...
  5. Thanks for the comment Mooz, but, currently i'm have a "basuroberry" ... and the res is not that good...
  6. I'm used "wood", to put hardness, I glued 3 layers. of it . i show the work... 1. the Material : 2.Cut the wood : all part for all sides (3 sides ) front and back are in plastic (ENJOY!) 3.Glue it : 4.Waiting for the glue be dried: 4.]i'm using a old case(but only the mobo tray) : The First Floor is almost finished only need to buy Golden bolts and brackets (<-"escuadras" - to put all in together) thanks for view my progress
  7. Im making this only for fun... the drive... not work properly but i want to put some led, and when the "real" disk read data, this "disk" led-on..... this is the disk peel-off the sticker. 3. mark the cuts cut! ... "chispas" check... sanding with the moto-tool the work is not finished yet ... i need to resanding some parts and put acrylic ... and one led
  8. this is my first try... but it broken... im make other with black plastic Sanding this is where i put it.. ^^ y want to put a ultraviolet led, to given it a (WOW finish) paint with white Finished it
  9. First Show the FAN in Darkness First put the "dragon" on the Acrilyc Using The Moto-Tool To put in the Acrilyc and remember this is my first try also... I need to do some changes ... ok then " hands on work" ,,, I Cut some pieces i dont need and to do a good form and sanding it... to gain Shine (first 320 then 400 and then 2000 of Grain of Sand Paper) Check the cuts finish the cut part then Sanding Check the surface doing Sanding part This is the Result:) i want to put some LED... and put it some white paint .. LED black light (or luminisce LED) to put a nice design finish xD if you like my work progress ... comment it please
  10. im think is a best comment... put a subForum to see scratch or case build separately example...2013 Mod Competition >sub Forum "Scratch Build" and subforum "case Mod"
  11. im updating by parts (in this case-the fan)! Pic show the Mark... -For proof- This fan have holographic decal, and normal in the back . i want to paint with gold the inside(the blades) and the fan frame with silver, i'm painting with acrylic paint , finishing with transparent "varnish". and i want to sleeve the wires and put leds .... i need to desolder the wires. first removes the decals. To do it, i need this tool. Then i try with this tool and the "welder" But it is so dificult, i only use the welder. Clean the wires to sleeving it!... i buy some "shoe-lace" in a street market, by about $30 pesos(around 2.5 Dlls) to Sleeve the wires. Sleeving the wires(this is my first "try") Soldering back the wires(remember this is my first try. Clean the CM Fan! Dismantled fan (sry for no picks for the process) Showing the acrilyc paint... Painting Process Preview: Dismantled Again for Put the LEDs put holes in fan . Sanding the LEDS(to flatten - to prevent hit the blades) Soldering the LEDS. Check the LEDs(all fine) Glued ... Painting the leds Wires. Fan Modded <<--back With movement This is pre-mod->>>> and this is the Modded FAN! i like the work!!! Thanks for viewing this Project... and feedback is welcome!
  12. This space is reserved for balsa Wood Work - Work in progress! wait a moment please !
  13. I'm done this in Sketch-up -i'm learning how to do it .... (waiting like my work!) another. rear side For 3D models, of the 3D build of the project i'm use this dir: http://scc.jezmckean.com/ .....
  14. Pictures of the boxes! XD Mother BOARD asROCK And The processor ... Mobo and Disk Drive (2.5") ,Fans (;O ) and Memory Kingston HyperX.... FPU This is my hardware (huh....) is not that higher, but is functioning
  15. Hello there i'm participating with a Scratch Build: Mitsuzero From Mexico and ModdingMX MOD Forum 1.First materials and hardware that i want to use. Materials: Wood Fiber. Acrylic Panels Bolts. Balsa Wood! some carbon Fiber but not to much!Hardware: 2 * CM Fans seem 12" (OLDs But working) Athlon x 2 (2 Ghz) Asrock N68-VS3 FX Kingston HyperX DDR3 4Gb * 1 Seagate 160Gb 3.5" (An Unused DD of an broken notebook) Damaged Drive For Fun!. 2 x 20" Fans with a managed RPM. Wifi Card with Long Antenna. No CD Drive 2.Description Of MOD: I love Asian culture, and the pagodas have been a symbol to recognize them by their age and what they mean, I know it will be a good mod,I've been working the pictures to put them, here, as well as the course of the mod, Thanks and hope you like it, greetings from Mexico. oh i forgot sry im a English Noob, im not good. and if i do some mistakes sorry for that...