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  1. H2O 'Fire & Ice' By Shadey H , UK The theme of this Mod is 'Fire & Ice'. The 'Fire' being all the internal mods and the 'Ice' for all the external mods. These mods include Custom watercooling, cable braiding, lighting, Fans and Custom Paint work. Here are My Final Entry Pictures ...Enjoy
  2. Final Part now ..As I said wasn't too happy about the Watercooling tube layout so I decided to buy some new fittings . I got some 45' angle and extension fittings to allow a more fluid flow of both the tubing and the coolant. Replaced the old tubing with some slightly thinner wall so it was easier to work with and did another 12 hour leak test . All working well re-fitted everything back inside and then all the panels. This was all done on a relatively small budget. It just shows you what you can do with a little research and a good idea of a Case Mod. Hope this inspires others to have a go at case modding because I found it a great experience. I was quite pleased with the outcome and will probably do another one
  3. Ok here's the next instalment to the 'Ice' mod. Most of this is the painting and side panel mod for the case itself Here's the side Panel before painting. Primer was then added, sanded then finished off with a white pearlescent paint and clear coat lacquer. Finished Side Panel. Next stage the Top and Front Panels. Cut out some of the Grills to make them look different and allow better airflow. The Painting of these was a 2 stage process. First stage was the white ....then the second stage was the blue. Stage 1 - White done Stage 2 - Blue done Next came the Fan grills and some of the other components. Some were also done in 2 stages ..1st the Blue ..then the white Here's what I started with. First some Blue ..then the White. The rest of the other parts were just done in White Pearl. Here's what the Grills and Panels look like when assembled back together Here's the Top & Panel with all the parts installed fitted back on the case Now for the other Side Panel. this I thought about for a while before I finally came up with this solution. Started with this 1st of all .Marked out what I need to cut out. Ended up with this. Now for the paint.. again Pearlescent White Now for the new clear acrylic side viewing panel . Cut this too size myself.. had the edges milled by a friend and then gave it a good clean. Now to put them together Added some RED led strips to the inside of the panel to give it more of a red glow. Fitted the UV tubes to the case at the top and side before fitting the new side panel. Almost there ..not happy with the watercooling tube setup Think it needs tidying up a little . will do that on next update. Hope you like what I've done so far
  4. 'Ice' Mod - Part 1 Here's a quick update to what I've done so far Using the fan power splitters I brought before I connected a each pair of red LED & Blue LED fans to the same channel on the Fan controller so they spin at the same speed. The rad now has 6 fans (3x Red LED & 3x Blue LED) in a push/pull configuration Ran out of Red braiding so ordered some more and will finish the last fan with it Installed the 2 Blue LED's ...1 into each of the drive bays. Replaced all the plastic covers to see the effect so far In the next post i'll be doing more of the 'Ice' mod with some changes been done to the 'Fire' mod. Hope you like what I've done so far and for what will be done in the next mod
  5. 'Fire' mod On this phase of the mod i'll be doing the 'Fire' installment. Hope you like it Fan Controller & the extra fans finally arrived ..3 days late Aerocool X-Vision 5 channel fan controller 3 CM 120mm Sickle flow red led fans, 2 extra CM 120mm Sickle flow Blue fans ( Had one before the watercooling ) , 3 fan splitter cables , 1 Xspc twin 5mm UV led and 1 Xspc twin 5mm Blue led I chose these fans for 3 reasons... Highish CFM ( more than the fans that came with the watercooling kit) Low Dba (half of the standard fans) LED's (standard fans didn't have any) 1x CM Megaflow 200mm Blue led Silent Fan. The other fan is the one that comes with the Haf-X case. CM 230mm Red led Silent fan. These I had before the watercooling setup. I swapped the front Red fan for a Blue fan. Here You can see the installed 120mm Red Led Fans on the rad. Also the converter box for the UV tubes. Here's the fans powered up. First Paint Mod These are the spray cans I used for the paint mod... blotted out the manufactuer just in case. These pics show the before and after. This is what it looks like so far..... Needed some tweaking .... Put in the painted parts. tweaked the lighting a bit & finally decided to put the Red Led Fan in the side panel After a bit of moving around I finally came up with this .................... Did some of the 'Ice Mod' just to see what it looked like. This will be shown in the my next post.
  6. Watercooling loop has been installed ..but there has been a delay in a delivery of my Fans & Fan controller .... Hopefully they will arrive by Monday (Fingers crossed) Water Cooling Kit Xspc Raystorm Twin D5 Ax360 Water cooling kit - went for this kit after a lot of research on rad thickness, performance and fan hole positions. It is a bit much for just cooling a CPU ...but that's only for the moment , so I have plenty of expansion capability. UV Mod Kit 5 litres of Pure distilled water Primochill Intensifier - UV Red dye Pulse Modding PHN Bioclear CCFL 2-in-1 UV fluorescent tube 2 pack Water Cooled Pictures Here you can see that 4 of the rad locations match the holes in the top of the Haf-X Inside the case showing the fans that came with the kit This shows you just how much space I have between the fans and Motherboard After connecting all the tubing together did a leak test. I added a bit of UV red dye made it so much easier to see any air bubbles Front of the case showing the Resevoir and pumps behind it Added more UV Red dye & the some Bioclear to see the full effect Water Cooling Mod Completed Tubing I think could do with a little tweaking ... prob do that when I start on the next mod
  7. Hi Everyone. This is my 1st case mod I've done. Had the haf x and components for about a year running on air. Decided last month to finally take the step of doing my first water cooled system with a few other mods here and there . Hope you like what I've done so far, any comments or advice would be welcome Components Pre water cooled : Haf X Asus P8 Z77-V Pro Asus ENGTX560 Ti DCII Intel i7 3770k 8gb 1866mhz DDR3 2x Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gbps 64MB Mods to do list : Power and fan cable sleeving Add water cooling Some paint work Here's the starting point :- Inside Case Front Powered up inside case Cable Modders - Braiding UV Red 4mm and 2.5mm :- Some Cable Mods installed - More pic's to follow