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  1. i have decided to open both sides up to give a better bone presentation. I have added scales to make it look decaying on the bone. so the inside with the pulsing veins/smoke it will look like the skull is coming back alive
  2. alright I painting the original idea and didn't like the shape it was headed. so this is revamped case ontop of the old shape
  3. I have Change my look for the case a tiny bit. inside the head going to add some pusling vein lights. and have figured out how to achieve smoke affect more pictures to come
  4. the olther side for the open case part
  5. The goal is try and make it look as possible as real bone as I can
  6. My build is going to be a dragon skull these are rough sketches of a skull. it will be changed a bit along the process. the right eye will be a huge crack in the skull so you can see inside the skull into the pc hardware. I am planning on putting fans into the nose blowing out. and working on a project to create smoke coming from the nose. the left eye will be the power switch. and under the eye will be were the cd drive will be placed well hidden. Even though there wil be lots of hand room in the back to place hardware. I am planning on making a sliding shelf were the mother board attaches to. Material to make the case is still being decided while I make a mold of how big I want the skull to end up being
  7. Still doing stretch's to decide which build i plan on using, but leaning towards a mythical creature of some sort