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  1. I want to design and build a small factor gaming pc for living room entertainment.
  2. The following hardwares hopefully will be upgraded soon.
  3. I would like to thank everyone who helped with the O.A.C. Many thanks to my friends Attila Nagy for the final pics, Peter Borbely for the oil, Gergely Nagy, Boldizsar Kiss, Attila Szeremy and Mate Horvath for advices, Zsolt Geber for supervising the poster, to my godfather Csaba Gy?ri for ordering a O.A.C, to my roommate Mark Pernesz for the fun and supervising the translation. To my family who have always trusted me helped me to get here. At last but not least many thanks for my lady Virag Petko who tolerated me in the process! And you guys who shared yours thoughts about O.A.C in the comments! Thank you all!
  4. Day 23 in the workshop of my university So I bougth two acrylic sheet from a gentle (84 years old) uncle (he must be a MacGyver or something). One for me and one for my godfather. I have never bend acrylic so I was scared about it. The sheet has cutted by the laser cutter. But I haven't taken any pictures of it because we needed to do it fast but It was like the wood cutting which you could see posted above. So let's see how went the bending (using a heat gun): And the sith happened... I knew now where does it wrong... I made a stress concentration that point... two straight lines are running into each other. So I will check next time and make a radius there... and my godfather's one gonna be better! Probably I'll do it again a near future but not that near so I'll use it in the competition. My friend Attila Nagy who making the final pics now offered me to correct it in Photoshop or least he'll try it. So stay tuned my friends... the final form of the O.A.C is coming... maybe you'll get some teaser pic sunday or monday.
  5. Day 22 - back in college Detail update: Sata cabels are now blue Stay tuned...
  6. Day 21 in my father's workshop LED: My new CPU cooler... the Cooler Master TPC800 Stay tuned...
  7. Day 20 in my father's workshop For legs BD/HDD cover My father helped me with this one with the planing machine: Looking good... I made a mistake... so I have to repair: My favourite part, the PSU cover: Let's assembly the main parts of the O.A.C Stay tuned... almost done guys, almost done
  8. Day 19 in my father's workshop BD/HDD-Cover: And a mess Stay tuned... not much left to show
  9. Day 18 in my father's workshop Power up Little details: Stay tuned...
  10. Day 17 in my father's workshop Now the PSU is white. Here the details as I promised: Assembly The sleeved cabels looks just fine Try the motherboard tray: And... Stay tuned...
  11. Day 16 in my father's workshop I told you guys... Details will be in the next update. So as always → stay tuned...
  12. New update... I am so excited to show it you... A right kind of tools to this work A BIG thanks to my friend Horvath Mate for it: Let's try it: Need to fix the compasses's legs: Details Stay tuned...
  13. Day 15 in my father's workshop My old FSP in pieces: Cable sleeving... this new for me... I've never ever sleeved. Let's try it! The two main color: It's gonna be an extension cord: I haven't got any professional tools for this work... So the extension cords came from an old PSU... there are pins at one end at least: It doesn't look good... at all... next time I'll be more careful! Stay tuned... and wish me luck.
  14. Thank you mate! Day 14 in my father's workshop Surface treatment: the second layer is on! Before every oil layer there was a burnishing by hand. Stay tuned...