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  1. when you flip the swtich on the back of the unit, or disconnect it from the mains, the noise stops after about 3 or 4 seconds. either way, im taking it back tomorrow to get a replacement. i ran PC Probe II which came with my mobo, and some alarms were going off for voltage problems.
  2. Hey guys, I have searched google, a few forums and have now ended up here with my problem heh, a search didnt turn up anything though. I recently put together a new rig: - Q6600 - asus striker - 8800GTX 768 - 3gb ram - xifi gamer - 250gb seagate - 500gb wd The PSU i chose is the CoolerMaster RealPower Pro 750w. Now for my problem: Whenever the PSU is connected to power, there is a very faint static-like noise coming from within the PSU. Sometimes it will go away, most of the time it's present. There is no problems booting, and everything connected to it powers up fine. It's not the fan in the PSU casing, as the noise persists when the PC is powered down also. I've had the comp on for two days straight, and nothing has failed etc. So power is getting to where it's supposed to go. But could this be the beginning of a bigger problem? Any help is appreciated!