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  1. Good morning, it seems you did not like my project:), but let more photos. Cuts and more cuts, now on the other side that did the name "Creeper" project. and also cuts in front. this top is to put an LCD that will move images ... adjusting the covers in acrylic and so already finished all the cutting and adjustments already sent ink in children plastic parts and airbrushing testing the illumination and finally he ready * _ * And in the event Campus Party Brazil 2013 That is, tell me what you guys think of the design. Thanks and until the next
  2. Hello guys, I'm new here, my name is Brian Victor'm from Brazil and would like to show my work. I do not speak English very well then my communication will be 100% google translator: P The project was done in the case Cooler Master HAF XM which was one of the cabinets that I liked to work. I had great help from Cooler Master Brazil, they would not be possible without this project. But enough talk and let's get to the photos:) The case came to me as well. And also had a curious cabinet meeting. I already liked the side window but something was missing. and pleased me greatly. soon put more news. Bye