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  1. it's finished ouf, many work last days thx CM for the contest
  2. I started working the door, so just basic colors, masks and shadows
  3. not very motivate to do somethink tonight, so just this :/ it will be too short for the deadline.
  4. huuu, it has a long time i'me not here to give you some news Some progress, but still mutch work to do Interior parts : the front panel : The top panel, It remains to finish the tank: The back panel. Perhaps modify the PSU : I start the sleeving and lacing : The rear fan : And a global view : Thx
  5. small updates. Not had much time lately, with various paint problem's like material that can't be painted (polyethylene), some work for reviews (x79 Deluxe, 780DCU II, i7 4930K...)... finally good, that is almost finished for painting constituents formwork
  6. Some news, with the CM 690 III whitch is disassembled The GTX580 DCU II receive his paint
  7. first, i worked on the Thermal Armor of the Z77 Sabertooth. Some plastic cards, screws and paints
  8. First, i would like you apologize me for my bad english, i'me french. So i will just publish some pictures, and a detail of the mod parts [X] Case : Cooler Master 690 III [X] PSU : Cooler Master V700 [X] Motherboard : ASUS Z77 Sabertooth [X] Processor : Intel Core i7 3770K [X] Video card : ASUS GTX580 DirectCu II [X] Memory : Kingston HyperX Predator 2x8Go 1833MHz CL10 [X] SSD Kingston HyperX 3K 128Go