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  1. Let's put a case a side and work with equipment. I have here CM Seidon 240m, great water cooler but do not like the hoses.
  2. That is one nice case. I see you have a lot of bends there, how you are going to make them loook like one piece, are you going to weld those joints? Keep on good work.
  3. Nice mod so far and nice ventilators. Can you please post some pictures of vents to see them glowing, cause want to purchase some.
  4. tnx mate I thought same for your mod when I first saw it.
  5. I took dxf file today on my work and cuted it on cnc and bend it, ofcourse it is all made after work.
  6. I look forward to the progress of this project. Good luck
  7. es sieht aus wie batmobil Warum hast du Scharnier nicht auf der Innenseite fur cleaner look?
  8. If you choose to use a prefabricated case, please use the following guide lines: • No display of any manufactures logo. • Final product must not be recognizable compared to its original design. • At least (1) Cooler Master product must be included in the mod
  9. let's start! This case is made out 2mm Aluminum, clean look, no butoons, i would use optical switches for power on, reset and drive eject. No wires, custom mobo plate is covering all wires. Here are few sketches just to give you idea. Colors does not match real mod cause is going to be brushed Aluminum.
  10. There are already some interesting projects out there, this year is going to be tough competition. Good luck to you all.