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  1. This is initial assembling before detailing, painting, brushing etc.
  2. Finally i managed to bend all pieces except motherboard cover that is going to be attached at the end. Here are all pieces together just to see how is going to look like.
  3. Like every Year this month is rush month at work so i hardly find time to cut out my aluminum. Now i just have to wait monday to bend it. It could be done earlier but i decided to change height of tower from 50cm to 55cm because of radiator. This is my mod supervisor that is watching at me to get not to lazy.
  4. The brick is always useful if you get mad while playing game and you wanna to smash something Nice mod so far, looking forward to see more
  5. After some searching for 3d logos on web, in the end i have to make ones.
  6. Well, that is something you could put in the living room and wife couldn't say nothing against it. Great work.
  7. hey Warboy. i see this is going to be masive, like it already. Mod on
  8. Man das ist ein toll build. Beide mods sind super, kann nicht sagen welche ist besser. Mod on.
  9. box Skyscraper so far: Corsair dominator 8gb Corsair tx750m CM seidon 240m Asus p8 z77 v-lx Intel 3770k XFX R7870 still waiting for SSD
  10. And voilà , much better, i would soon post picture where is under uv light glowing trough the net, nice efect.
  11. Take it a part... just half of glass of liquid, i tought it will be much more
  12. Let's put a case a side and work with equipment. I have here CM Seidon 240m, great water cooler but do not like the hoses.
  13. That is one nice case. I see you have a lot of bends there, how you are going to make them loook like one piece, are you going to weld those joints? Keep on good work.
  14. Nice mod so far and nice ventilators. Can you please post some pictures of vents to see them glowing, cause want to purchase some.
  15. tnx mate I thought same for your mod when I first saw it.
  16. I took dxf file today on my work and cuted it on cnc and bend it, ofcourse it is all made after work.
  17. I look forward to the progress of this project. Good luck